The ‘Dash & Lily’ Soundtrack Is Full Of Quirky Christmas Songs

Dash & Lily is overflowing with Christmas cheer, and one of the reasons Netflix’s new series feels so cozy is all the offbeat holiday songs that underscore Dash and Lily’s whirlwind romance. With Nick Jonas as an executive producer, of course the music had to be on point, and the song choices definitely stand apart from other holiday fare by leaning in an edgier, more indie direction. Basically, the Dash & Lily soundtrack is about to be your go-to playlist for the holidays, or at least it will introduce you to a new Christmas bop you hadn’t heard before.

While Dash & Lily does use a lot of the classic Christmas carols pretty much everyone knows, the series also highlights a lot of more alternative holiday songs by rock bands like Eels, The Waitresses, and The Pogues. The soundtrack all builds up the the show’s big musical moment at the end: a concert by the Jonas Brothers in which they perform their holiday track "Like It’s Christmas."

The series is filled with fun, whimsical songs about the holiday season that a lot of viewers may not have heard before, so if you loved Dash & Lily and are looking to update your Christmas playlist for 2020, check out all the songs from the soundtrack below.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

With all of the variety in Dash & Lily‘s soundtrack, even the biggest Scrooge or Grinch should have no trouble finding a new song to love this holiday season.

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