The Truth About Discovery Plus’ New Show The Laundry Guy

Laundry expert Patric Richardson is bringing all his squeaky-clean expertise to the new series The Laundry Guy, and we couldn’t be more excited to get all the dirt on just how to get our dingy whites as bright as possible.

Premiering on Wednesday, March 31 on Discovery+ and HGTV at 10pm ET/PT, The Laundry Guy will show Richardson going home to home and restoring age-old treasures thought to be tarnished forever. Combining sentimentality with tons of DIY laundry tips, Richardson brings his impressive cleaning knowledge to the forefront as clients watch lost pieces come back to life (via HGTV). Sharing tips from his book Laundry Love: Finding Joy in a Common Chore, laundry never seemed so exciting until now! 

In the series, Richardson works with several clients who bring old, family gems like wedding dresses, baby blankets, or even stuffed animals so they can be restored. Once the items are brought back to life, clients and viewers alike are shocked at the transformation. As Richardson told HGTV, “we wear our lives’ stories — from first dates to wedding days to bundles of baby joy. When it comes to stains and the stories behind them, everything comes out in the wash.” That being said, the cleaning part isn’t always that easy!

Richardson's laundry journey

Richardson’s journey to become a total laundry expert was a long and winding one. As Star Tribune reports, Richardson’s passion for laundry began when he was just a child asking his mother to wash his clothes more than once a week. When she said no, Richardson resorted to washing clothes himself, getting the best age-old tips from his grandmother. By college, he was teaching his peers how to wash clothes correctly, and once he started working in luxury stores, taught clients how to wash $900 cashmere sweaters.

Before long, Richardson helped a woman get rid of a stain from an heirloom napkin, inspiring both his book and upcoming series. Coupled with the Laundry Camp he offers at his Mona Williams store at Bloomington’s Mall of America, which teaches students how to clean their clothes the right way, Richardson quickly rose to notoriety for his expertise. Interestingly enough, the expert only uses vinegar, vodka, rubbing alcohol, non-toxic soap, or a bleach alternative to get rid of any stain.

Bringing Southern charm and a love of storytelling, Richardson is set to be a fun, charismatic, warm show runner, helping The Laundry Guy‘s featured clients to restore treasured possessions. Richardson told HGTV, “Laundry is a kind of love language. It’s a privilege that I get to wash these things for my clients,” which only furthers the host’s emotional perspective of laundry. Now, we’ll be practicing our laundry skills as we count down the days to the show’s premiere!

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