Tom Holland Says His Stealth Suit For ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Comes With A Huge Bonus

Tom Holland gets his claws out while wearing his new stealth suit in this still from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

In a recent interview with ScreenRant, the 22-year-old actor opened up about Peter Parker’s new suit for his trip aboard with his classmates.

“It’s awesome,” he says, but “it’s not actually capable of much.”

Tom adds that the suit enables him to “go to the bathroom, which is a huge bonus. It looks super cool.”

He joked about wanting to frighten his grandparents during one scene where he was in the suit: “It was so funny, we were doing this scene. My grandparents came to watch, and I’ve got the Stealth Suit on. And they’re watching on the monitors and I jump out the window of this building we were filming in. And they actually had a big platform outside of the window that I could jump out the window and land on. I was trying to convince the crew that, after I jump out the window, everyone rush [to] the window and go, ‘No, wait, wait, wait!” to sort of scare my grandparents. But they wouldn’t do it, they thought it was too mean.”

Spider-Man: Far From Home, also starring Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and Jake Gyllenhaal, will be out on July 2nd.

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