Tom Kerridge discusses his 12 stone weight loss journey

Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge “misses” his former self who lived a dangerously boozy lifestyle.

The chef, who recently turned 50, weighed 30st just before his 40th birthday and was drinking 15 pints a night.

“Eating and drinking all day, followed by cheese on toast at 3am, was clearly not good. Then I’d get up after four hours of sleep for a pint of coffee with eight Nurofen,” he has recalled.

The TV star confessed that he doesn’t dwell on his unhealthy old life, saying: “I don’t have a single regret about those days,” in a new interview with The Times.

Tom has been sober since he was 39, making the huge lifestyle change before his milestone birthday.

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“To build a place where you’re delivering two-Michelin-star standards every day with every service — that’s a 90-hour week and you need a release valve. I actually miss that guy,” he stated.

The Michelin-starred chef expanded on how his old lifestyle has affected how he currently socialises with loved ones.

He said: “I miss the madness, and I’m p***ed off with myself that I let it get to a stage where I’ve now spoilt the chance of enjoying a glass of wine with friends or a pint at the football.”

Tom had to cut out booze entirely, struggling to limit himself to one drink. “I can’t do moderation and that annoys me. Just one drink and things would get messy very quickly.”

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In a 2022 Stompcast podcast, the famous chef claimed he drank 75 years’ worth of alcohol before he hit 40.

He stated: “The way I view it is that if you live to 75 years old, you’ve got that amount of booze that you can drink until you’re 75 – I did it all by the age of 40.”

In the aforementioned interview, Tom also addressed the criticism he has received for the prices he charges at his restaurants.

A three-course Sunday lunch at Hand & Flower in Marlow will set customers back £175, something he defends.

The chef claims that after bills and staffing costs, he only makes £17 per meal. With an annual payroll of over £2.5 million, Tom believes that the prices his restaurants charge are fair considering the outgoings.

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