Rihanna arrived LATE to last night’s Met Gala. By the time she arrived, I think people were expecting some huge, important look. And did she deliver? Eh. For what it’s worth, Rihanna takes fashion seriously and she takes the Met Gala seriously, she always has. But I do think she phoned it in a bit this year. She wore this very big, puffy Balenciaga coat which looks like a repurposed goth comforter. Her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, also appeared to be wearing bedding in an ESL quilt-looking cape?? They’re a hot couple, but this is… not what most people were expecting.

— Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine) September 14, 2021

Also in Balenciaga? Kim Kardashian. She wore this Balenciaga… I don’t even know how to describe it. A catsuit with a train and a full face mask, which she later removed and just wore wrap-around sunglasses. Reportedly, that’s Kanye West in the face mask beside her on the carpet, although Kim did leave her hotel alone and she partied last night without Kanye too.

Two more Balenciaga ladies: Michaela Coel and Tracee Ellis Ross. So many catsuits and so many giant coats and capes.

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