Piers Morgan ‘remains a great friend’ says Susanna Reid

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Piers Morgan, 57, can’t do right for doing wrong these days, but he’s never lost for words when he’s called out by others. After he was accused of “targeting black women” in his Daily Mail columns, of course the controversial presenter had a witty response at hand, and he wasted no time in making it known.

Relax, I’ve written 300-odd positive columns too

Piers Morgan

It comes after Piers shared a breakdown of his recent columns, revealing the focus was more on white males than black women.

He wrote on Twitter: “Twitter wokies have accused me of ‘targeting black women’ in my @DailyMail columns, implying I’m racist.

“So, I did some research.”

He broke down: “Of the 300 critical columns I have written, this is the breakdown of my ‘targets’: White men: 170, White women: 70, Black men: 30, Black women: 30.”

Someone promptly replied with a jokey sarcastic suggestion, urging the former Good Morning Britain star to write more positive things.

“Why are you ‘targeting’ all the time?” they asked.

“Write something positive rather than constantly using gunfire!

“Think you could manage that? Just a thought,” they added with a laughing face.

Quick to respond with an excuse, Piers said: “Relax, I’ve written 300-odd positive columns too.

“I’m a glass half full AND glass half empty columnist.”

Taking to the comments section, others decided to wade in on the discussion, with one teasing: “300 odd positive columns. Well done. The knighthood won’t happen though.”

Another moaned: “And where would one find any positive content from you, any at all, much less 300-odd articles eyes#bully #misogyny.”

“You wouldn’t know positive if it bit you in your a*s. Walked off anymore jobs throwing [a] 2 year old fit,” a third snapped.

A fourth joked: “The only positive thing that I’ve seen from you recently was your post Wembley Coronavirus test.”

Others however, had his back.

“Heh. Funny. I follow you precisely because I think you are pretty fair in your analysis of things. Few are these days,” one said.

A second praised: “And the real skill comes right in the middle of the 2. Come back to TV soon please – we miss you!”

“Meh, positive tweets are boring though,” a third joked.

A fourth cheered: “You tell em Piers!”

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