Bob Geldof tells BBC to ‘wise up’ during interview with Zoe Ball

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Sir Bob Geldof told the BBC to “wise up” as he called them out for being “namby-pambies” on Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show today. He kicked off the chat telling the presenter that he still wasn’t a fan of Mondays, in reference to The Boomtown Rats’ hit. The 50-year-old presenter went on to wish him a happy belated birthday after he turned “70 years young” last week. In response, he said the age was “extremely old” and jokingly told her to “stop the nonsense” at suggesting it wasn’t.

The singer went on to correct the presenter for referring to him as just a musician.

“I’m a mega global international rockstar”, he said and urged Zoe to “get it correct”.

In response to his witty remarks, the presenter laughed as she said he was in “fine form” this morning.

Not one to hold back on his thoughts, Bob then slammed Liam Payne’s new single which Zoe played before their chat.

Bob said he thought the song was “awful”, adding he “almost put the phone down” when he heard it.

Zoe laughed off his comments and went on to play a snippet of the band’s new song titled And, I do.

After the track was aired, she told listeners she couldn’t play the full version as it wasn’t appropriate for daytime radio.

“You just played the end,” Bob chimed in, seeming unimpressed. “The track is four minutes long and you played the end.”

Zoe replied: “It’s not my fault Bob, it’s just the rules round here.”

He went on to query what was wrong with the seemingly inappropriate lyrics, which he claimed were only in one line of the song.

“Well look, I’m just doing what I’m told to do Bob, sorry,” she replied.

Swiftly moving on, the presenter went on to ask the musician if he had any upcoming plans to tour with the band.

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The musician said nothing was confirmed as of yet amid ongoing coronavirus fears, adding it was “pretty difficult” to plan.

He did however say the band had five festivals lined-up, giving fans a chance to hear the new EP.

Zoe went on to conclude the chat, telling listeners that their new record was available to download.

“You can listen then to the whole of that record,” she laughed.

Bob added: “Not just the end, thank you Zoe and the producer at the BBC.

“What happened to the BBC? Come on wise up guys, get with the programme, stop being such namby-pambies, seriously, we’re grown ups,” he continued.

“Thank you very much,” Zoe replied awkwardly.

“Sir Bob Geldof never disappoints,” she concluded, laughing as she moved on with new music.

Listeners flocked to to Twitter to praise the broadcaster for her handling of the interview.

DocaMoc wrote: “Very professionally handled Zoe, although I don’t imagine it felt like that to you. Well done!”

Neil Skinner added: “Sounded like he got out the wrong side of bed!”

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