SO far, you've probably heard of – or even previously tried – the sex positions that have made up our Fabulous 12 Days of Sexmas Challenge.

But prepare for that all to change on day six of the raunchy Christmas countdown.

And it's all thanks to a little-known position called The Lotus.

The Lotus is a unique love-making position that has driven couples wild in the past – thanks, in part, to its very hands-on approach.

To perform this sex position, the man needs to sit cross-legged, ready for the woman to climb on top.

Then, once face-to-face, you can enjoy the benefits of this more intimate position as you slowly grind against one another.

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A sexpert called Sadie Allison explained: "It promotes a kind of motion that many women respond to sexually, which is a slow rocking and grinding movement that directly stimulates the clitoris."

But that's not the only thing that ticks the boxes for some couples.

Allison also suggested that others like that your hands are free to fully explore your lovers' body.

She continued: "You’re able to freely touch each other’s bodies with your hands or lips."

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And to top it all off – quite literally – it's also a move that won't use up all your energy.

She concluded: "You’re in an upright position, but it requires less movement than the typical man or woman-on-top position."

This is just the latest sex position we've challenged you to take part in.

Others have included day one's The Speed Bump – which is great for those looking for maximum orgasms with minimal effort.

The second day was dedicated to lots of lovers' all-time favourite move Missionary.

While day three provided a handy guide to perfecting the unique Amazon position take centre stage.

The fourth day was focused on the 69, while day five was all about the cowgirl.

Come back tomorrow when you're be flying high thanks to our guide on how to nail the Butterfly.

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