15 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands Meghan Markle Has Been Backing Like a Damn Hero

Since she was first linked to Prince Harry, all eyes have been on Meghan Markle’s impressive (but sometimes protocol-breaking) royal wardrobe. As well as using her clothes and accessories to subtly pay homage to Princess Diana or to the country that she is visiting, the Duchess of Sussex has also been taking advantage of her ever-growing influence to shine a light on sustainable and eco-friendly brands that are making a difference in the industry.

Over the past couple of years, sustainability has been brought to the center of the fashion stage, with more and more labels taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint. Thanks to her eco-conscious clothing choices, Meghan has further opened up the conversation, drawing attention to big and small sustainable designers alike.

Whether it’s with her Summer dresses, her dainty jewelry, her handbags, or her second wedding gown, it’s clear the Duchess of Sussex is taking a more ethical approach to fashion. From big names like Stella McCartney, Veja, and Gabriela Hearst to lesser-known labels such as Hiut Denim, Pippa Small, and Figue, get a closer look at all the eco-friendly fashion brands Meghan has been championing throughout the past few years.

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