ASOS slammed for selling £23 'poopy pants' tracksuit set with a VERY questionable tie-dye design

THEY may not be the most fashionable items of clothing we own, but our collection of tracksuit bottoms certainly are the most loved.

And considering how we spend (almost) every weeknight unwinding in our favourite joggers, it's almost guaranteed that they're going to get a few stains every now and then.

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But while our trackies have been subject to countless tea splatters and ketchup squirt over the course of their working life, ASOS is now selling a pair of tracksuits so weird that they actually have stains incorporated into the design.

And not just the occasional accidental food stain, the WORST kind of stain imaginable.

That's right, ASOS is flogging a "tie-dye co-ord" set from Public Desire with strange brown streaks across the bum, legs and boobs.

While there's no denying the tracksuit set certainly looks comfy (we're all about that elasticated waistband life), we can't help but agree with the shoppers who likened design to a pair of "poopy pants".

Sharing their bizarre find on the ASOS Why? Facebook page, a baffled shopper wrote: "We all have accidents – but don't worry about the stains on your behind!

"These trousers are the perfect cover #poopypants #asosfail #asoswtf."

Although we personally wouldn't be caught dead in this co-ord (even IN the house), ASOS claims that the tracksuits are "selling fast".

Anyone fancy taking one for the team and trying them out themselves? Anyone?

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