DURING the height of lockdown, we were insanely jealous of anyone who was lucky enough to own a hot tub.

But while they may look super glam on Instagram, people don't always tell you what a nightmare they are to clean.

Luckily, one bloke has figured out a quick and easy way to keep yours fresh for WEEKS – and all you need is an old pair of tights.

Posting in the Facebook group DIY on a Budget UK, the savvy man revealed how he'd wrapped his hot tub filter in a pair of nylon tights.

He wrote: "Best way ever to keep your hot tubs clean haven't been emptied in weeks and still clean as ever!"

 Speaking to the Daily Star, he recalled how he came up with the idea when he was trying to save money on filters.

 He said: "All I do is cut a pair of tights the same size as the filter and put it over the filter .

“That way, all the muck and bits in the hot tub – or even swimming pools – collects and sticks to the tights instead of the filter. It’s simple and also keeps the water crystal clean!"

However if you're thinking of giving this hack a go at home, it's important to note that you should continue washing your filter at least once a month as hot tubs can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

 Recommending their own ways of keeping hot tubs clean, one user replied: "We put a chrorine tablet in after ever use to kill all the bacteria."

Another added: "I use chlorine daily in mine and check the pH balance daily too."

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