Daily Paper Creates Wearable 'Sunflowers' in Latest Van Gogh Museum Collaboration

Two titans of Amsterdam rejoin forces as Daily Paper and the Van Gogh Museum again come together for a seasonal collaboration. A selection of co-branded wearables feature the Dutch master’s recognizable artwork, occasionally spotlighting mashups and large recreations of the patterns therein to transform the painted designs, which are modeled by artists handpicked by Daily Paper to represent transformative ideologies: Marlou Fernanda, AiRich, Christian Yav and Bodil Ouedraogo.

Standout pieces include hybrid jackets and reversible bomber jackets informed by Van Gogh’s iconic Sunflowers and a variety of his other still life works. Here, even quirkier works, like The Potato Eaters, find new life as blown-up prints. Graphic tote bags, scarves, hats, jeans and puffer jackets also make ample use of Van Gogh’s illustrative approach as all-over patterns, while intarsia sweaters, printed pullovers and effortless T-shirts are realized with smaller iterations of the painter’s work, complete with Daily Paper branding and Van Gogh’s signature.

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The entire collaborative capsule is available on Daily Paper and the Van Gogh Museum’s web store.

Meanwhile, Indice Studio recently introduced its own Van Gogh-inspired FW20 collection.
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