IT'S common practice to refer to different types of Gatorade by it's color rather than flavor.

This universal practice has led to some confusion as people have recreated the viral blue and black dress debate, but this time with Gatorade colors.

The TikTok account for Tennessee Football shared a video which showed players debating about the color of Lemon-lime Gatorade.

"Is this Gatorade yellow or green?" one player asked his teammates, sparking a supposed age old debate.

He explained: "There’s been a lot of talk going on about what color lemon and lime Gatorade is and honestly man, I’m not here to sugar coat things bro, if you think this is yellow I need you to reevaluate your eyesight."

"It’s yellow, you’re psychotic. It’s yellow, bro. HOW IS THAT GREEN? LOOK AT THE GRASS," said one football pro, after his friend cornered him on the field.

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Another Tennessee footballer agreed, calling the drink "highlighter yellow."

However, others agreed with "team green," branding the liquid "neon green."

When another player also answer yellow, the host of the video became exasperated.

He asked: "Where do you see yellow? Do you know what yellow looks like?"

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His fellow player stopped a passing golf cart and held the bottle up to it for comparison.

"Take a green grape, put it next to the Gatorade, you will see it’s the same exact color, bro," responded the original player.

The video included photographic evidence of the phenomenon, which had TikTok users questioning their eyesight in the comments section.

"It was yellow till you put that grape beside it," commented one confused viewer.

Another follower wrote: "Now I’m wondering if grapes are actually yellow."

"Not gonna lie, the green grape next to it has me re-evaluating my eyes," said another user.

A fourth person said: "If you tell me to grab you a yellow Gatorade, you're getting Lemon-Lime. Tell me to grab a green Gatorade, you're getting Fierce Green Apple!"

"Chartreuse, a color I have not seen. Looks to me like yellowish green!" commented another follower.

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