Designer Rebecca Taylor has her dream Mother’s Day all mapped out. “A day where all my children aren’t fighting and put away their iPhones for the day,” she laughs. “I’d love to go to the Rodin museum and maybe have a picnic and a glass of wine by the Eiffel Tower.” Taylor, who’s spending a year in Paris, wants to lap up all that French beauty before her return to Brooklyn. “When I first said I wanted to do it, everybody said, ‘Are you crazy?’” she tells Threads. But the move has been a creative boon.

“I see a lot of women here and they have no plastic surgery, no Botox, no dyeing the hair. Rocking their age, being who they are, wearing fabulous jeans, long cashmere coats and gold jewelry. The best and the easiest of anything.”

It also influenced her new suiting collection, Tailored Rebecca Taylor — for professionals who still like to dress up. “I think, in general, casualness is way, way over,” she says. “I remember when I used to fly when I was younger. You got dressed to fly and now it’s a s–tshow of leggings and trainers,” she gripes.

“I was at the ballet in Paris last night. I wore a dress and I looked nice and put on shoes and so many people literally had jeans and sneakers and backpacks on and I thought, ‘Come on! Where’s the magic? Where’s the romance?’”

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