DIY fanatic completely transforms three-bed house in three weeks & did it on the cheap thanks to Dunelm & Ikea bargains

IF MONEY were no object we'd all be splurging on homes big enough to rival even the most luxurious celebrity mansions.

But just because us regular folk are forced to make do with what we can afford, it doesn't mean we can't achieve the ultimate house goals.

Lindsey Nash, 34, from Melksham, Wiltshire proved anything is possible with some big dreams and a little creativity after revealing her stunning home transformation she did on the cheap.

Lindsey, who works as an area sales manager for a commercial catering equipment company, purchased her first home in February this year not long after losing her mum -but it was far from perfect with chipped walls and outdated colours throughout.

And after seven months of planning while waiting for the keys, the creative DIY fan was finally able get the look she wanted and renovated the whole three-bedroom home in just three short weeks – with absolutely stunning results.

With a budget in mind, Lindsey hit up purse-friendly stores like Ikea, Dunelm and even Facebook Marketplace where she scored a couple of eye-watering deals on appliances and homewares.

Speaking with Fabulous, Lindsey revealed that she's a "big fan of the outdoors and natural materials" which gave her the inspiration for a rustic country vibe with soft neutral tones.

She said: "I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and DIY on a budget to get ideas. I knew I was on a tight budget so I looked at up-cycling on forums like the Frenchic page which really helped.

"Then I found items on Facebook market place such as pine bedside draws that I painted and replaced handles on, my bed frame which was £100 new in its box and my rattan chest which was £25."

Lindsey admitted to splurging a little on the flooring throughout her home, and at around £1300 it was by far her biggest spend.

She got carpet in the bedrooms and landing, which a friend's dad helped her lay, and parquet laminate throughout the downstairs which was done by a professional.

Speaking of the carpets, she said: " He’s always done his and has all of the kit so I laid the carpet grippers and underlay and watched him fit the bedroom then I did the landing myself which was great because now I feel confident for the other rooms I need to complete. "

Her kitchen had certainly seen better days, with outdated timber cabinets and work tops to match.

But after spending a couple hundred pounds, the space now features a light and bright colour palette and super chic detailing, making it hard to believe it was done on a budget.

Lindsey revealed: "It cost around £270, that was for kitchen cupboard and tile paint, Fablon for the worktops, new handles, new cooker and sink.

"I’d spent my lock down months buying bits as I went, [such as] light fittings from Ikea which were fitted by a family friend whose an electrician."

She even saved on bigger appliances too admitting that her fridge freezer and tumble dryer were gifted, and found her ceramic sink on Facebook marketplace for £60, which she says usually go for around £200 plus.

She said: " [It has] a small nick at the back but the silicone covered it perfectly, " and added, "my cooker was £150 which again new would have cost £250-300."

And added: "I’m obsessed with the transformation of the kitchen but also love the calm cozy vibe of my front room."

It seems she wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty either as Lindsey got stuck into the painting herself, with some help from friends and family to get it done quicker.

She also tackled a few extra DIY tasks herself in order to keep the costs down, particularly in the often expensive areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

"There has been a few cool ideas that have been cost saving, like the fablon on the worktops which cost £30 in total and totally changed it, "she said.

And continued:"The fact I painted the old stainless steel tap Matt black which makes it look brand new, the £40 on cupboard paint to transform the kitchen cupboards, the £56 of the self adhesive floor tiles in the bathroom, even the £25 on the paint for the stairs to brighten the whole hallway up."

Lindsey shared snaps of her renovation in the DIY On A Budget Facebook group, which attracted a huge response from people obsessed with the new look.

She even provided a summary of the colours she used throughout, and where she purchased some items after being flooded with requests by keen group members

Lindsey estimates the whole house cost her roughly £2500, but she still has some extra bits she needs to do.

She said: "I have a loft conversion that still needs doing, carpet, paint and light fittings.I need carpet in one of the small bedrooms and some flooring in my utility then it’s more about the little decoration features like pictures/blinds and curtains."

"I think the most difficult part was the endless painting, every room required 2-3 coats on ceilings walls and the skirting boards and door frames it felt never ending.But once you complete one room it gives you that motivation to do the next and then the next."

Lindsey admits that she's "super fortunate" to have "incredible friends and family" that have offered their time and help for free, and admits she "wouldn’t have got it completed without them".

What Lindsey used:


  • Frenchic cupboards – Cool Beans x 2 tins
  • New handles – Amazon 12 for £12
  • Tiles – Frenchic Dazzle Me x 1 tin
  • Tap – existing stainless painted with Frenchic Black Jack tester pot
  • Countertop – DC Fix Oak
  • Ceramic sink – Facebook Marketplace £60
  • New range oven – Facebook Marketplace £150
  • Floor – discount flooring herringbone parquet


  • Walls – Dulux Egyptian Cotton
  • Floor – same as above
  • Fireplace – Frenchic Black Jack tester pot
  • Sofa – Sofa Club
  • Light – Ikea

Dining room

  • Walls – Wickes Pure Cotton Silk
  • Floor – same as above
  • Table and chairs – gifted
  • Light – Ikea
  • Rug -Ikea


  • Walls – Wickes Pure Cotton Silk
  • Fireplace – Frenchic Black Jack
  • Light – Ikea
  • Carpet – Onlinecarpets Mink


  • Tiles – Frenchic Dazzle Me, same tin as kitchen
  • Bath panels – Wickes £100 for side and end
  • Walls – Dulux Egyptian Cotton
  • Floor – stick on tiles from Dunelm 4 packs at £11 per pack


  • Lights – Ikea
  • Paint – Wickes Silk cotton
  • Stairs – Ronseal Brilliant White
  • Carpet – Same as above

For anyone else looking to save some cash while still achieving the look they want, the thrifty DIY-er says toto always check out selling sites because "you can find some real bargains".

She said: " Upcycling can bring unwanted items back to life! Also budget for things like sand paper, polyfila, extra paint brushes and tools because that really adds up and you don’t think about all of the little things."

But most importantly, she says to "just enjoy it really, enjoy the process".

And added: "Interior design has been a passion of mine for some time and because of the feedback I’ve been thinking about whether to venture into this as a hobby and see if I can help other people on a budget."

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