WHEN single mum Kaylee Busfield discovered a marble-shaped lump on her left breast, she thought nothing of it.

But as the weeks went on, a mysterious infection started to eat away at her boob, turning the 18-year-old's breast tissue into rotting flesh.

Doctors were forced to remove most of Kaylee's 34C breast when draining the 60ml abscess, leaving the Blackpool lass devastated.

Here, speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Kaylee tells her story…

I first noticed the lump in November, it was just there when I woke up one day.

You couldn't see it at first, it was under the skin and it wasn't too painful – so I didn't go to the doctors straight away.

A few weeks later, it started appearing out of my skin and became painful. It was like a big spot, but it kept getting worse.

It started off the size of a marble, then grew to the size of a plum and it kept getting bigger.

I was worried it could be cancer, which was scary, and had shooting pains in my breast.

It got to the point where I couldn't even pick up my little girl Everly-Rose, one, because of the pain.

I couldn't sleep because it was so painful every time I moved onto my left side.

By then the lump was black, my skin had completely rotted away. The pain was agonising, I couldn't do anything. I was begging them to put me in for my op early

About four weeks after I first found the lump, I went to the walk-in centre and they referred me to the breast cancer clinic – but there was a three hour wait.

The pain got so bad I ended up in Blackpool Victoria Hospital at the beginning of January.

I was watching TV one day when I felt sharp shooting pains and shortness of breath. I rang 101 and they told me to get straight to hospital.

By then, the lump was black and puss was oozing out of the cracked skin.

The doctor said it was an abscess, with 60ml of pus underneath my skin. They say it was very rare, they hardly ever see things like that.

Abscesses are normally caused by smoking or breastfeeding and I didn't do either, so I have no idea what caused it.

They said they had to extract it with a needle but I refused – the pain was too much. I said 'you're going to have to operate'.

What is an abscess?

An abscess is a painful collection of pus, usually caused by a bacterial infection. They can develop anywhere on the body.

The body send white blood cells to attack the infection, which kills the tissue surrounding it.

A small, hollow area filled with pus – the abscess – will form at the site.

You may also develop a fever, flu-like symptoms and see discharge leaking from the swollen tissue.

Breast abscesses are normally treated with antibiotics and drained with a syringe.

Larger abscesses, more than 5cm, may require a surgical incision and drainage.

It's sometimes also necessary to surgically remove the glands where the abscess occured.

I had to wait another week for surgery.

By then the lump was black, my skin had completely rotted away.

The pain was agonising at this point, I could not do anything. I was begging them to put me in for my op early.

I was scared, too. I've never been in an operation before so that was quite daunting in itself, because there's always a risk with anaesthetic.

My mum Dawn, 42, had to have my daughter while I was in hospital. We live separately. Luckily it was only for a couple of days, and my mum brought her to see me.

After the operation, my breast was just completely flat – with a massive hole in it.

I wasn't really bothered at that point, I was just relieved I wasn't in pain.

Then it kicked in how it actually looked and I just cried.

It did affect my confidence at first, but I've been put in for a boob job with the NHS. It's not until the end of this year, because the actual hole itself is still healing.

They have to wait three months for the scar issue to heal over, then they can do the operation.

I've just been on holiday to Lanzarote with my long-distance boyfriend Scott, 19, who lives in Newcastle, and I was worried about getting in a bikini.

But it wasn't that bad, you couldn't really tell.

I wish I had got help sooner and want to tell other women to go to the doctors as soon as you find a lump. It's not worth the risk.

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