A FORMER Buckingham Palace staff member has revealed the moment the public's opinion on Meghan Markle plummeted.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are preparing for their bombshell docuseries to drop tomorrow.

They have been slammed for the upcoming six-part series, which has so far had two pre-release teaser trailers.

In one, while addressing he and wife Meghan's coverage in the media, Harry says: "It's really hard looking back on it and thinking 'what on earth happened?'."

One former aide today claimed the Duke and Duchess' sudden downfall is thanks to her dad Thomas Markle.

The source told The Times reports of Meghan were positive until Thomas started a campaign against his daughter.


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The former lighting director for films, 78, famously did not attend the May 2018 wedding after suffering a heart attack.

Meghan was left furious after Thomas staged photos – which showed him reading books about England – to get the couple's attention before the wedding.

The source added that this was when the media's narrative turned.

“It will be interesting to see how her own family is referenced in their movie," the source added.

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"It was glowing coverage until her own father started his campaign.”

With the Netflix doc expected to cover the couple's troubled relationship with the media, two trailers showed footage of them being hounded.

However it has since been bashed as "misleading" after they were faced with a "fakery" storm earlier this week.

Netflix used footage of Katie Price attending court and images of photographers at a Harry Potter premiere as proof the couple were harassed.

At least four shots promoting the controversial docuseries are not what they seem, while one other has been selectively edited.

Royal biographer Angela Levin said: "I’m speechless. It’s absolutely astonishing."

The pair have been blasted for wanting to be like the Kardashians with their new reality show.

Clemmie Moodie wrote in The Sun: "Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are just a sex tape shy of doing a full Kim Kardashian."

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