Family-of-five who are £9k in debt, spend £1k MONTH on food & £300 on beauty products learn how to save £1k in 24 hours

A FAMILY of five have managed to save themselves a grand in just 24 hours after learning how to curb their bad spending habits, like visiting the supermarket 41 times a month and blowing £1000 on their food bill.

Parents Anna and Mark, who live with their three kids in their family home in Worcester, appear on Channel 4's How to Save a Grand in 24 Hours in a bid to tackle their dire financial situation.

The pair, who have five children between them including from previous marriages, are currently in £9000 worth of debt from their divorces, with host Anna Richardson revealing they're spending £250 more than what they earn each month.

Anna, who works for a high street homeware company, and electrical engineer Mark have a habit for overspending, with Anna splurging on £300 worth of beauty products per month and £430 on homeware and clothes.

That's on top of spending nearly £1000 a month on the family's food bill, with the couple visiting their local supermarket a whopping 41 times in one month to cater to their kids' fussy eating habits.

Conscious that they need to reign in their spending, Anna and Mark have enlisted the help of experts in order to adopt their money-saving hacks to save them some cash.

Mark admits: "I’m not very good at keeping track of what I’ve got in the bank or what I haven’t got in the bank," while Anna reveals: "I’m not very good at keeping track of what I’ve got in the bank or what I haven’t got in the bank."

In the episode, that airs on Monday at 9pm, host Anna outlines the couple's outrageous outgoingsand points out that the pair are spending out £36 a month alone on interest for their five credit cards – that's £438 extra a year they could have in their pockets.

Guilty of living out of their overdrafts, Anna reveals it's costing the couple over £20 a month in bank charges.

One huge problem area for the pair is food, especially as they're cooking three different meals every night for the family – costing them an extra £120 per month.

Anna and Mark were shocked to hear just how many times they hit the supermarket, with chef Gary Usher advising the pair to switch to buying their food online as it can help to cut costs by 30 per cent.

I’m not very good at keeping track of what I’ve got in the bank or what I haven’t got in the bank

After snooping through their kitchen, Gary was faced with the challenge of creating meals that six-year-old fussy eater Harley would be happy to eat.

Re-creating Harley's favourite of fried chicken that the whole family can eat. Gary advised buying a whole chicken instead of portioned chicken breasts for better cost value.

He also swears by ditching fresh garlic bulbs for pre-chopped garlic in jars that are usually half the price, with his meal coming in at roughly £1 per person – saving the family £267 a month on their food bill.

For the first time, fussy Harley was seen eating the same as the rest of the family and gave the cook a solid 10/10 for his efforts.

Next up, Welsh cleaning guru Peachy Clean was tasked with reducing Anna's excessive monthly beauty hauls.

Getting mum Anna and daughter Heidi to spread out all the beauty products they have, leaving Peachy "speechless" as it was revealed they had spent a total of £2575.

Heidi alone had seven hairbrushes, 10 body sprays, five eyeshadow palettes and four body scrub in her collection, while Anna confessed to forever stocking up on lipstick after lipstick.

"I couldn't believe it, the whole family could have gone to Disneyland for that – and had spending money," Peachy claimed.

Peachy pointed out that make-up can go out of date and advised shopping for products with refillable packaging in order to cut down on both costs and waste.

She revealed that you can turn to ordinary household items to fill your beauty needs, as she created a homemade handscrub, using sugar, olive oil and washing up liquid, that costs a budget-friendly 10p a go.

Peachy also conjured up a homemade body scrub and recommended swapping out make-up wipes for a reusable make-up eraser that usually retails at just £3.

When it comes to DIY, Mark admits he falls short and there's plenty of unfinished jobs around the house – including son Dylan's bedroom which is covered in black mould and peeling wallpaper from a previous leak two years ago.

Hoping to give it a facelift without breaking the bank, DIY expert Eve Humphreys was on hand to transform Dylan's room into a study-friendly space.

She tackled the black mould with £2 mould-remover spray and spruced up cracks in the ceiling with filler, before touching the walls up with budget wallpaper.

The total decoration costs came in at £60, with Eve revealing you can save hundreds by not hiring in professionals and opting to carry out DIY jobs yourself with the help of online tutorials.

In just 24 hours, Anna and Mark were able to take back control of their spending habits, thanks to the experts' help, and managed to save just over £1000.

It was revealed they'd saved a huge £610 on their food bill, while Anna rose to the challenge and cut back on her online and beauty spending, pocketing a saving of £450 in total.

The couple also managed to save £56 by cancelling unwanted contracts and £25 on bank charges, after making an effort to get on top of their overdrafts and the added charges that comes with it.

All in all, Anna and Mark pocketed an extra £1141 from successful tweaks they had made financially.

Addressing the couple's extensive £9k divorce debt, host Anna revealed that if they stick to their new savvy ways of spending, they could eradicate their debt in full by the end of the year.

"If you keep going on, by the end of 2021 you're going to be completely out of debt," she revealed.

Reflecting on the process, mum Anna said: "It's empowered me. It's made me realise that I need to make the change and I can make the change."

Meanwhile, one skint family-of-six who splash £1.2k a month on groceries and hundreds online shopping saved themselves £1k in a day.

Plus, this family-of-four, who spend £1k on their food bill and a mammoth £900 on online shopping, curb their spending habits to save a grand in 24 hours.

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