IT'S one of the top-selling Estee Lauder perfumes.

But according to one fragrance expert, Beautiful is anything but, and should be included in his rundown of the five scents to avoid at all costs.

In fact, the perfume came in at number three on Dave's list of the "top five terrible, bad smelling perfumes that you should avoid buying".

Kicking off his TikTok video, Dave explained: "Now, look, there roughly 4 billion women on this planet, and in my opinion, these probably smell bad on 95% of that 4 billion.

"But there's another 5% where, if you're lucky, these actually work well with your pH.

"And consider yourself the chosen few if that's the case."

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In at number five on the list is Michael Kors' Sexy Amber.

"This does not smell that sexy to my nose," Dave said.

"It has this dark, musty, woodsy smell that I don't feel goes well.

"Some of these are blended really nicely, and they smell good when you apply it, but to me, this one doesn't smell that great.

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"There's other Michael Kors perfumes that are a lot better than this one."

The fourth position was taken by Cartier's Insouciance, while Beautiful was at three.

"To me, this does not smell beautiful at all," he said.

"Smell it, you'll know why. This is definitely No. 3."

The scent in second position on the list is likely to come as a surprise to many – Chanel No. 5.

Insisting he "respects the history" behind the fragrance – such as rumours that Marilyn Monroe used to wear this before bed at night – Dave said there are very few women who can pull off the scent.

"I've never really liked this perfume,"he added.

"I appreciate the history, but don't like the way it smells. And that's just my nose."

And in the top spot on Dave's rundown was Dior's Poison.,

"Ugh, terrible, terrible," he said.

"Dior, what happened?

"Because I actually like a lot of the Dior perfumes.

"If you've known my reviews, I did the top five of the best Dior perfumes that women should buy.

"But this right here, they dropped the ball."

"LADIES, THESE ARE JUST AWFUL!" Dave captioned his video.

But not everyone agreed with his decisions in the comments section.

"Beautiful is a beautiful fragrance!!" one wrote.

"Beautiful was my go to 25 years ago and I was always told I smell so good!" another added.

"It’s still sold so it says it’s a good one."

"Insane!!" a third said.

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"Chanel 5 is a classic smell it’s very elegant, and classy and it does last a long time.

"I wear it and I get so many compliments!"

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