From love to anxiety, what our pets are really saying with their expressions

NAUGHTY husky Oreo became an internet hit for pulling the ultimate “guilty face” after eating his owner’s sofa this week.

But his expression was not really about regret, according to The Sun on Sunday’s Pet Vet Sean McCormack.

He said: “It was actually a response to his owner’s no-doubt furious body language.

“The naughty pooch wouldn’t have connected it to the good times he’d had earlier eating the sofa.”

Here, Sean helps Sarah Arnold decode what our pets are really saying with their expressions.

Scaredy cat

Round eyes, dilated pupils and a slightly open mouth signal anxiety, not surprise.

Other key signs are a raised nose and chattering teeth.

Up to no good

Resting their head on their paws with eyes darting side to side doesn’t signal a cat nap – it means cats are about to do something naughty.

Hot dog

There’s a big online debate about whether dogs can smile, but when their mouth is opened and the corners turned up, it actually just means they are hot.

Feel the love

When the eyes close very slowly and then open again, your cat is feeling loving towards you.

It’s got extra power if they are sitting hunched up.

Anx a lot

When you see the white of a dog’s eye as it looks to the side – similar to how a whale looks – it means they are feeling anxious or worried about something.

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