YOU don’t have to be famous to enjoy the A-list lifestyle – some normies live in the lap of luxury simply because they have a VIP best mate.

Meet pals who hit the jackpot in the friendship stakes.

Beyoncé, 37, and Angela Beyince, 36

One of Bey’s closest friends is her cousin Angela, who she reportedly spent every childhood summer with.

As adults, Beyoncé hired Angie as her PA before promoting her to vice president of operations at her entertainment and management company.

Angie also co-wrote several of Beyoncé’s songs, such as Naughty Girl and Upgrade U.

So it sounds like talent runs in the family – as well as a penchant for hanging out on yachts, flying by helicopter and living it up on tour.

Jennifer Lawrence, 28, and Laura Simpson

When J.Law took best mate Laura to the Oscars in 2014 as her date, our hearts melted. They first hit it off as teens, bonding over their “mutual respect” for Chandler Bing and love of pizza, and when Jen took a tumble (again) on the Oscars red carpet that year, wingwoman Laura was the one she clung on to.

Afterwards, Laura revealed that the glitz and the glam of the awards weren’t all they were cracked up to be, writing in a blog post titled I Went To The Oscars And No One Cared that it was so hot inside the auditorium “you feel like you’re going to pass out”.

Meghan Markle, 37, and Markus Anderson, 41

There’s another man in the Duchess of Sussex’s life besides Prince Harry: best pal Markus. They’re so close that she calls him the “uncle” to her dogs and he was by her side as the bouncer during her £350,000 baby shower in New York.

Megs also used Markus to deal with the media rather than employing a PR. He’s used to rubbing shoulders with celebs after working at London members’ only club Soho House and later setting up a branch in Toronto, which is where he met Meghan in 2011.

She once called Markus “my loving, supportive and endlessly fun friend” on her now-defunct blog The Tig.

Something tells us we’ll be seeing a lot more of him with a royal baby in the mix.

Justin Timberlake, 38, and Trace Ayala, 38

When you make it big, why not bring your lifelong best friend along for the ride?

Justin and Trace first met in Shelby Forest, Tennessee, as kids and now collaborate on a number of projects.

JT also encouraged Trace to move into his Florida mansion with him and to go on tour with *NSYNC in the late ’90s and the pair are still close – they co-own clothing line William Rast and opened NYC restaurant Southern Hospitality together.

Kylie Jenner, 21, and Anastasia “Stassi” Karanikolaou, 21

There are many perks to be being bezzies with Kylie Jenner – as long as you stay away from her sisters’ boyfriends, that is.

Kylie and Stassi regularly show off their friendship on Instagram and Snapchat, so we’ve often seen them enjoying flash cars, shopping trips and luxury holidays together.

Kylie recently declared that Stassi was “so hot” on the Gram, which must mean they’ll def be BBFs 4eva, right?

Rihanna, 31, and Melissa Forde, 32

If you’re a RiRi fan then you’ll definitely have noticed her right-hand woman.

Creative influence Melissa is Rihanna’s childhood best friend, and the pair are often pictured holding hands on the red carpet or during a basketball game. They moved from Barbados to America together at the age of 16, dreaming of the big time.

The friendship has also given Melissa enough exposure to grow her successful hat business. Plus, she works as a photographer when she’s not attending VIP events and generally living the high life.

Khloé Kardashian, 34, and Malika Haqq, 36

When Khloé started appearing in a certain reality show alongside her famous fam, she gave her BFF a role, too.

Being the best friend of a Kardashian comes with its own set of special responsibilities, so much so that Malika has become known as Khloé’s “Instagram bodyguard”, because she stands up for her online a lot.

When Khloé’s ex Tristan Thompson reportedly cheated on her with Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods, Malika was right in there with an “unloyal ho” comment on Insta. Burn.

Malika’s high-profile connections landed her a place on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018, where she broke down in tears because she missed her then-pregnant best pal so much. Aww.

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