IT’S all gone a bit dead for the dead ringers working as Harry and Meghan lookalikes.

Doubles who had been making a royal mint from taking off the Sussexes say their Megxit escape to LA has now made it hard to find work.

They had honed their acts, from her hair flick to his often awkward pose, and had been flying around the world to gigs in the wake of the royal pair’s engagement nearly three years ago.

Some now pin their hopes on Harry, 36, and Meghan, 39, giving their baby Archie a sibling – or that their recent Netflix deal to make telly shows could also boost their profile.

Benjy Pottter chats to some doubles in trouble – and one who is still busy.

Freddie Marlow

CALL centre agent Freddie got into the work after his girlfriend was signed as a Meghan double.

Freddie, 26, of Eastbourne, who dyes his beard ginger to copy Harry – says: “I get noticed because my girlfriend is a Meghan lookalike.

"I’m not the biggest Harry lookalike, as you can probably see, but because I look kind of similar with a beard and she looks like Meghan we got picked up by our agent.

“We did a photoshoot and the work started. I’m not a natural ginger so dye my beard.

“It helped with cash while I was at university and has led me to get signed to a model-ling agency. We don’t have any plans to move to LA though.”

The Harry gigs are also now hard to get. He admits: “I don’t do loads of work.”

Harry Poulson

BOAT builder Harry caved in to peer pressure to be a double of his namesake – after being mistaken for him at a fun day and ending up in a local paper.

Harry, 24, of Liskeard, Cornwall, says: “Although I’m younger than Harry, I got snapped for a local paper at a Boxing Day swim and the headline was that Prince Harry had turned up.

“I sent applications to a few agencies and one got me to walk around near Buckingham Palace, talking to the public.

“I also did a tourism event in Germany promoting the UK, and got to drink very nice wine.

“Work has tailed off since Harry moved to the US.

“If you’re a lookalike there, you probably get plenty of work.

Danielle Bourne

MEGHAN work has gone quiet for office manager Danielle –  but she hopes another royal baby may do the trick.

Danielle, 39, of Wallington, South London, says: “I need Meghan to get pregnant, then work might pick up. With her and Harry’s move to LA it was inevitable it would go quiet for us lookalikes, and it has.

“But it had been crazy. I had one mad experience around the time of their engagement. A Harry lookalike and I went to Buckingham Palace dressed as them.

"A huge group of tourists swamped us. One of the camera guys had to shout: ‘Listen, they’re not real’, as everyone was trying to take selfies with us. It got scary, we had to be dragged out.

“I’m a fan of Meghan, though. She’s a strong character, she’s done a lot of things.”

Sarah Mhlanga

ACTRESS Sarah senses her time as Meghan is up.

The 37-year-old, from Warrington, Cheshire, says: “When she got engaged my agent suggested I do some work as Meghan. I wasn’t sure but there have been so many experiences.

“I got an invite to Meghan’s wedding, as my mum has an OBE and runs a charity, and she took me. Straight after, I had a gig in Surrey. I rushed from the wedding, changed in a taxi into a wedding dress then arrived at a party with a Harry lookalike.

“At the royal wedding people had looked and pointed. I had eye contact with Meghan and she looked really friendly.

“When she and Harry announced the LA move, work was busier, but now nothing. I’m back to acting.”

Rhys Whittock

PROPERTY developer Rhys is still duking it as Harry – reporting an upturn in gigs since the prince scarpered.

Rhys, 37, of Greenhithe, Kent, says: “When I heard Harry was upping sticks, my reaction was, ‘What does it mean for my career? But I’ve been busier than ever.

“The Netflix deal has grabbed attention so will get me work. As soon as Harry announced he was off to LA, I was booked for This Morning in January and we did a comedy routine about what he would do for a living now he’s left the Royal Family.

"That same month I flew to Tel Aviv to film a commercial as Prince Harry for an Israeli bank.

“But one of the most surreal experiences was being flown to Hong Kong with William, The Queen and Prince George lookalikes for a billionaire’s 75th birthday.”

Leila Karmarpour

SMALL business owner Leila hopes Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal saves her life as the duchess’s doppelganger.

Leila, 37, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, says: “I started work as Meghan two years ago, after someone tagged me on a Facebook post about her. Work snowballed, it wasn’t something I had looked for.

“The first thing was a shoot in London where I dressed up and went on the Tube and walked about in the streets. It was great fun, everyone was doing double-takes.

“I’ve been on TV’s This Morning and on the London Eye with a Harry lookalike. Tourists were taking loads of pictures.

“Since Harry and Meghan moved away, work has pretty much stopped. But I hope the Netflix deal makes it pick up.”

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