A WOMAN has revealed the clever way she finesses restaurants and hotels alike to get the best service given to her, and you can too with her hack.

Samantha posted her hack to her TikTok account, samunwisegamgee, where it has already been viewed over three million times.

Samantha first shared her secret, dueting a video, which was asking people to share the most genius thing they have ever done.

Samantha explained that whenever she books a table at a fancy restaurant or a hotel room she gets her 'personal assistant' to book it for her.

She said: "I don't have a personal assistant, it's just me with a different Gmail address pretending to be a personal assistant.

"But I get way better service and upgrades that way so, you're welcome!"

Users inundated Samantha with questions on how she actually phrases the email so that they can also get the best upgrades.

One user exclaimed: I need to know how you phrase it." To which Samantha responded by demonstrating her 'personal assistant' email.

She said: "You asked so here is what I write in my email as my 'assistant'."

Samantha then reads out the email template she shows onscreen, asking them what promotions are available at the moment as well as requesting a welcome basket and a bottle of wine waiting in the room for her arrival.

One user explained in the comments the reason why Samantha's hack works: "The point is that you LOOK important and they are more willing to offer upgrades IF they are available. Hotels want to impress 'important' people."

Many users were impressed by the hack, one wrote: "This is a very real hack, I used to do it for all my clients."

Another user claiming to be a hotel receptionist said the hack would work but you may end up getting billed for the extra items.

However, there were some who thought this hack would just make hospitality staffs jobs' harder.

One user wrote: "As someone who works in tourism and travel, for the love of God do not make these understaffed hotels do this for you."

Another user commented: "As a waiter in a fine dining restaurant you're not getting any extra care from me."

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