A WEDDING guest has proved to be a nightmare after she insisted on wearing her bridal gown to her friend's big day.

Showing incredible powers of reserve, the bride suggested she should wear another dress altogether.

This request went down like a lead balloon and Mrs. Unreasonable simply dug her heels in even more.

Her response has left Redditors shaking their heads in disbelief.

There was only one answer. They pleaded with the soon-to-be bride to withdraw her friend's invitation.

She explained in her post about the sorry saga: “I asked if she and her husband were attending our wedding.”

The answer was affirmative, but then the guest delivered her shocker: “I may wear my wedding dress since it is not really a wedding dress.”

The bride was dumbfounded. The pictures indicated it was a bridal gown and she had even tied the knot wearing it a few weeks before.

"It’s a black and white formal ballgown," said the bride. "It was a semi-formal wedding, where most of our mutual friends attended."

Having been dismissed in their earlier communication, the bride tried a more direct approach.

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“I was looking at your wedding pictures and considering how white the dress is and we have a dark ambiance/dress code, I’d really appreciate it if you chose something different to wear."

But, the difficult guest still wasn't getting it: "I don’t think I have another dress I’d want to wear. A special occasion deserves a special dress."

This time, the bride was forced to give it to her right between the eyes: “I’m asking you to please not wear your wedding dress to my wedding.”

The reaction this time was classic passive-aggressive: "It’s really not a big deal. I’ll go to the thrift and pick up something off the rack.”

Redditors followed the dress drama with incredulity.

"Geez lady, if it's not a big deal then don't wear your effing wedding dress," said one person.

Another attempted to rationalize her behavior: "This is screaming she didn’t get enough attention for her dress at her wedding and will be begging for attention at yours."

It was obvious this was a bridal gown, said this person: "What kills me is that the model in the photo of the dress in question is literally wearing a veil.

"She kept saying it’s not a wedding dress but it clearly was sold and marketed as a wedding dress. She’s delusional. She’s crazy pants with that 'not really a wedding dress bullsh*t.'"

This commenter was rendered almost speechless: "Imagine being mad that the bride of the wedding you’re attending doesn’t want you to wear your wedding dress.

"The levels of delusion are off the charts here – you can tell she’s so p*ssed at the end of the conversation."

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"'It's a special occasion and deserves a special dress.' It's the bride's special occasion. Are you kidding me? I'd have been a lot less polite than the bride."

It was a view repeated by this person: "Imagine being so incredibly selfish and inconsiderate as to plan to wear your white wedding dress to someone else's wedding?"

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