A WOMAN has revealed how she became a mum in 15 minutes after having no idea she was pregnant.

Kayla Nicole Simpson, from Indiana, had no symptoms during pregnancy and even had her period each month, and went to hospital thinking she had appendicitis or period pain.

In a video which has racked up over a million likes, she said: “This is the story on how I became a mum in 15 minutes.

“I experienced a cryptic pregnancy, that is where you don’t have any signs or symptoms of said pregnancy.

“In November 2021, I went to the emergency room with abdominal pain thinking I had appendicitis.”

Kayla, shared her jaw-dropping story via her TikTok account @kaylanicolesimpson, posted a video explaining exactly what happened. 

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The mum continued: “It started in my room where I was curled in a ball and couldn’t get off the toilet.

“I was having major bleeding and didn’t know what to do.

During the ultrasound, my mum saw something familiar, which seemed to be little feet.

“Once I called my mum, she told me it was maybe just period cramps, but I thought that couldn’t be possible as I had just ended my period two days ago.”

At first they decide to brush off any pain and to use a heating pad instead.

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However, Kayla continued: “My mum rushed me to the ER, I was in so much pain I couldn’t even walk and was bent over.

“Doctors then wanted to rule hernia, ovarian cyst and appendicitis. 

“I was taken for an ultrasound. 

“During the ultrasound, my mum saw something familiar, which seemed to be little feet.

“I then let out a large scream, it’s obvious I'm in so much pain so the doctor came in and looked and I am crowning.”

Kayla said she was rushed to the labour and delivery ward, and within 15 minutes she had given birth to her beautiful daughter, who weighed 6lb 9oz.

The mum added: “During my so-called pregnancy I had lost 30 pounds, was the flattest I’ve ever been and had my period every month.

“Madi was a completely healthy baby and had no medical problems whatsoever.

“Within those 15 minutes my life changed forever, and now I can say for the better.”

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Kayla said people always always ask how she was prepared for the baby and admitted: “The answer is not at all.”

She explained: “I am so grateful to have supportive parents.

“I came home to a fully prepped house.

“They even turn our extra room into Madi’s very own bedroom.

“My friends and family also helped by dropping off diapers and any other supplies I would need.

“I also had a baby shower but I honestly didn’t know what a baby needed.”


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And when asked how she is doing after the shock birth, Kayla said: “I am so grateful that I didn’t not suffer postpartum depression.

“I was honestly fine, obviously I was in shock but I do think things happen for a reason. 

“I am now the happiest I’ve ever been and know that I was meant to be a mum.

“Noone will ever understand the emotions I went through in that hospital room but now I can confidently say I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

“She also pulled the biggest prank she ever will in her life.”

People were quick to weigh in on Kayla's story, with one saying: “Cutest appendicitis I’ve ever seen.”

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Another added: “This is literally how every pregnancy should be. Zero symptoms.

"No weight gain. 15 mins of labour!”

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