A MUM burst into tears after her son's teacher joked about his name, insisting that it's for dogs.

The mum's sister heard the comment when she was picking up her nephew from school, since his mum had a dentist appointment.

The sister explained on Reddit that she overheard the conversation where the teacher mocked the four-year-old's name.

She said: "My sister is extremely family orientated and spent the entire summer getting her son ready for school.

"He was excited about going to school. He really enjoyed nursery and made a lot of friends, who he always speaks about and wants to hang out with after school."

"He really enjoyed his first week and made some new friends. He said he really liked his new teacher," she revealed.

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But when the boy's auntie was waiting by the school gates to collect him, along with her own two children, she heard teachers laughing in a classroom.

Whilst she was waiting for her daughter to stop chatting to her friends most of the other families has already gone home.

She said: "Everybody was now with their parents and the teachers had gone back inside the classroom but they left the door and windows open and I could just about hear their conversation."

The auntie continued: "I overheard them talking about the children in their classrooms and whether any of them are 'bad', and I overheard my nephew's teacher says 'no but one of mine has a dog's name'.

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"The other teacher asked what it was and she said Benji – speaking about my nephew.

"I was in shock and disgusted!

"Thankfully, I don't think he was paying any attention and didn't hear them."

When she dropped her nephew off at her sister's house she explained what happened.

"I told her straight away and she burst out into tears," the auntie confessed.

She explained that the mum was thinking about reporting the incident to the headteacher because she was so 'distraught'.

Fellow Reddit users were shocked by the teachers, especially because the name isn't a common name for dogs.

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One said: "I was expecting it to be Bentley or Bear or something – names I've heard and thought hmm that's a dog's name.

"But Benji is an amazing name and definitely doesn't remind me of a dog's name!"

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