A DAD was called the “worst father in the world” by his daughter after cancelling her 16th birthday house party.

But people have validated his reason for doing so. 

According to the upset dad, his teenager almost hospitalised one of her friends after sneaking alcohol into school.

He shared his story anonymously and explained that he had promised her a “sweet 16th” party if she stayed out of trouble and started performing better at school. 

And things were looking promising until he received a call from his daughter’s teacher. 

The 15-year-old had snuck a water bottle filled with booze into school and one of her friends had gotten so drunk from it that she had to see a nurse. 

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Taking to Reddit, the disappointed dad explained: “She told me that her one friend pressured her into bringing the bottle to school. 

“She will serve in-school suspension for five days.

"When we got home, I took away all her electronics and she can only use her phone for emergencies. 

“I also told her that the birthday party will be cancelled.

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"She got very upset and started screaming at me that I was the worst father in the world. 

“She stormed up to her room and slammed the door."

He noted that she “lashes out sometimes at home”, forcing him to punish her.

The pair struck a deal whereby she could throw a birthday party in their home if this behaviour stopped and she did well at school.

The dad added: "My daughter has been struggling keeping her grades up and hanging out with the wrong crowd. 

“I have hired a few tutors to help with some subjects and she is seeing a therapist.”

Worried about whether he was being too harsh, the dad sought other people’s opinions on the chat forum website.

Most people validated his reaction and took to the comments to call him a “good dad” and reassure him that he did the right thing.

One person penned: "You are a parent. And I think a pretty good one! She's lucky she wasn't expelled, honestly."

Another said: "You gave her some conditions under which the party could happen. 

“She broke one of the conditions and now has to face the consequences. 

“Good for you for setting boundaries."

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