A WOMAN has revealed how she completely transformed her parents' dull brown kitchen while they were away on a two-week cruise.

TikTok user Kelly Bucci showed how she turned the living space into a white stylish area – and achieved it all for under £150.

TikTok user @kellybucci1 uploaded a video of her kind-hearted project, and said: “Surprising my parents by updating their kitchen while on vacation.

“Done in less than 2 weeks! Let’s hope they like it!

“They moved into this house in August. The cabinets were the covered fake wood.”

While her mum and dad were away, she decided to get to work and make it look a lot nicer for them.

First they removed all of the cupboards and drawers and sprayed them white in the garage.

They then painted the rest of the units white to match.

For the countertops, they got a Giani marble paint kit which cost less than $200 (£147).

She explained: “It was cheap & if they were planning to redo the countertops anyway at least this gives them a few years before they have to, but hoping it lasts!”

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The finished result looked very chic indeed and the video has racked up over 20million views from impressed internet users. 

One said: “I GASPED at those counter tops! Good job!”

Another joked: “I am going out of town next week, the key is under the rock.”

A third commented: “This looks so much better than what they had before! Nice work.”

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