WHEN it comes to a wedding’s seating chart, the bride and groom must navigate through awkward family situations and problematic pairings.

They typically hope their guests feel comfortable in their assigned table and pleased at how the evening unfolds.

One wedding guest, however, said she was placed in an unpleasant situation thanks to her seating assignment.

Taking to Reddit, she explained that her father-in-law had gotten remarried a few weeks ago.

While the newlyweds were away on their honeymoon, the woman heard rumblings that they thought she was “an a**hole” because of her behavior at their wedding.

She explained: “At the wedding we were put at the same table as my husband's mom, who we have not spoken to in three years. There was never a formal big no contact, she just stopped answering messages and stopped reaching out.”

Frustrated with the mother’s apparent disinterest in maintaining a relationship with her son and daughter-in-law, the woman and her husband severed ties.

“We haven't heard from her since, she hasn't met the baby, and it was sad for my husband for a little while, but he is over it.”

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Fast-forward to present day: Although the woman expected her mother-in-law to be at her father-in-law’s second wedding, both she and her husband were surprised that they were seated next to her.

Especially because the father-in-law knows about the estrangement.

“Mother-in-law looked uncomfortable for a little while, but relaxed and was just ignoring us, but I could tell how uncomfortable my husband was.

“I went up to the head table and asked father-in-law and the bride why we were next to mother-in-law (I did congratulate them first).

"Father-in-law looked like he was trying really hard not to smile and said, ‘Ask the bride, she did the seating chart.’”

The bride claimed she organized the table that way because it is normal to seat guests who know each other together.

“I asked if we could be moved because she was making my husband so uncomfortable. Father-in-law asked what she was doing, and I admitted nothing,” the woman explained.

The annoyed father-in-law told the woman to stop bothering him and his bride on their wedding day.

“I went back to the table. At this point my husband isn't even eating because he is stressed, and mother-in-law is twisted all the way around in her chair so she doesn't have to look at us.

“I just snapped and told my husband that we shouldn't stay when we have been disrespected, and if his dad wanted us there, he wouldn't have put us at that table.”

At this point, the mother-in-law’s current husband stepped in.

“[He] was like, ‘You know we can hear you, assholes?’ But I ignored him.”

Fed up, the woman and her husband decided to leave the wedding.  

“But I heard that father-in-law and his wife were talking bad about us to mother-in-law after we left and saying we are selfish.

“And mother-in-law said we are hypocrites because we didn't care about her happiness at our wedding (I don't know what she meant by that),” she concluded.

Unfortunately for the woman, the Reddit community did not take her side on the matter.

“You did this at the wedding? The mother-in-law was ignoring the circumstances and being a good guest. You were 100% YTA,” one person commented.  

“If your husband couldn't stand the situation, you should have made some kind of polite excuse and left. Holy hell,” added another.

A third person believed there was more to the story that the woman was hiding: “She doesn't say why the mother-in-law supposedly stopped contacting them. Nobody just stops talking to their child out of the blue. What did you do to isolate your husband from his mom? INFO.”

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