A BEAUTY lover has shared her secret to growing lush curls – and turns out, it's all to do with how you sleep.

For years, Chloe Chapdelaine, from Alberta, Canada, used to struggle with getting her locks to grow past a certain length.

But now, armed with enviable curls we could only dream of, the model and writer has taken to TikTok to spill the tea on how she achieved the transformation.

''I think a big part of that was because I changed the way I was sleeping on my hair,'' she said in her video.

The first major tip that saw her curls improve drastically was switching from normal pillowcases to silk.

The best part, Chloe added, was that the soft material also helped with the appearance of her skin.


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It's not just the pillowcase she invested in – during the hair care journey, the stunner, who has close to 345k followers, also purchased silk scrunchies to put her locks up.

''And I put my hair up every single night – and I never ever […] miss this step.''

But don't just rush into making a tight bun to keep the locks out of your face – according to Chloe, you should follow something called the 'pineapple method'.

Demonstrating the steps, the beauty fan instructed: ''I put it all directly on the top of my head, […] so that it's closer to the crown of my head .

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''When I put the elastic in, I'm not gonna put it tight to my scalp – the elastic will be a few inches away from my scalp.

''That way, when you put your head on the pillow, you don't have any elastic that's digging into your scalp anywhere; it's not really messing up your curls too much.''

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Another recommendation, though not necessary, was wearing a silk bonnet – this is an easy way to make your curls last extra long.

''Now if you follow all these tips and you're waking up and your hair is still like a rat's nest, I'm going to recommend something that you might need – and it's a trim.

''When your hair starts to get a lot of breakage at the end and split ends, I find it can knot a lot easier.

''When my hair starts to get really ratty after every single night's sleep, that's when I know – it's time for a trim, time to get it cleaned up.

''That's what works for me – and I hope it works for you.''

Chloe's video has taken the social media platform by storm, racking up almost 630k views and hundreds of comments.

One woman said: ''I got a silk hair cap to sleep in a week ago and I have never had more shiny/soft hair!!! Immediate difference!''

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Someone else wasn't so convinced, writing: ''if i put a scrunchie in then i can't wear my hair down the next day bc of the band mark it leaves.''

''I would do that, but my hair hurts so much on the scalp that’s so uncomfortable when I take it out,'' a third penned.

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