A WOMAN has shared her swimsuit thrift shop haul as part of a mission to find swimwear that will contain and support her assets.

With a DD-sized chest and a small frame, the TikToker struggles to find outfits that look cute and give her support.

Sex educator Mariah (@sexedfiles) shared her thrift store video on TikTok.

The clip revealed that the most perfect swimsuit was in fact something entirely different.

Mariah explained: "My criteria is making sure they don't fall out and making sure they look hot."

She first showed off a black one-piece with criss-cross straps over the back and mesh detailing at the waist on the front.

"You never know with a one-piece because the sizing is usually really weird, especially when you get them from the thrift store, you're like 'I don't know about this' but this one fit me pretty good," she said.

However, there was a lack of support for her breasts which were "falling down" and spilling slightly over the sides.

Despite this, she admitted that "sideboob can be cute sometimes" and gave it a seven out of 10.

Up next was an electric blue one-piece that viewers loved on her.

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However, Mariah said: "The built in cups are definitely too small.

"It doesn't look like it but my boobs are underneath the cups which usually happens with these kinds of shirts or bathing suits."

She added: "But I love this bathing suit so much, I think it's so cute. I love the color" and gave it 8.2 out of 10.

Lastly, Mariah showed off a red, floral one-piece that had a plot twist at the end.

She called it the "special one" due to it being strapless, which is a very difficult style for the TikToker to pull off with her assets.

"If you have big mommy milkers you know strapless is nearly impossible, especially without a bra" she said.

Mariah fell in love with the one-piece saying it held her breasts in place perfectly.

"I don't know what this magic is but I'm obsessed," the creator told viewers.

However, in a surprising revelation, she explained that the swimsuit was in fact lingerie.

She said: "I just learned this is not a swimsuit it came with bottoms but I looked at them and the crotch was missing.

"It's LINGERIE! I guess I'm gonna wear this as a dress – 10 out of 10."

Viewers were shocked saying: "This was quite the plot twist."

Another viewer commented with a suggestion that she wears the dress with different swimsuit bottoms.

Others sympathized and explained their own struggles to find suitable swimwear.

One said: "I have this issue so often, if it fits the rest of my upper body it's usually too small for the girls and if it fits them it's too big everywhere else."

Another added: "It's so hard finding proper swimsuits for big boobs and smaller body.

"I stopped trying and just started wearing bikinis and shorts."

In another video, Mariah shared her hopes to get a breast reduction or lift.

In the try-on clip, she showed off all of the outfits she loves but thinks would look better if she had B-cup breasts which she called the "sweet spot."

She tried on a stunning blue top and said: "I think it's a good color on me but with this top in particular, I feel like my boobs sit really low and it doesn't have a lot of support and I don't feel comfortable leaving the house like this.

"I feel like one wrong move and I'm going to have a nip slip.

"See, I want them to be much higher, I just don't like the way they sit."

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Mariah also added that among the many reasons she wants a reduction, one of them is that she does not want to wear a bra ever again.

People in the comments reassured her that she looked beautiful but noted that she should do what makes her feel happiest.

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