A YOUNG woman is living the life so many people dream of: traveling the world on a yacht and getting paid to do so.

The ocean lover said she has swum in the Caribbean, danced in the Mediterranean, and walked the Bahamian beaches.

Emery (@thatyachtiegirl) calls herself a “yachtie” thanks to her job as a crew member on luxury boats.

One look at her TikTok page, which features clips of her breathtaking travels, leaves many with a desire to get the same gig that combines work and play.  

She revealed what a “yachtie” does and how you become one.

“I live and work on a yacht,” she began in the video.

“There’s five of us that live on board, each with our own rooms, and basically our job is to travel, clean, and serve guests in whatever beautiful destination they want to go to.”

Videos of the crew lounging in the crystal-clear ocean, snorkeling among exotic animals, and walking the sandy beaches displayed the perks of the job.  

“It can be hard work,” Emery admitted alongside videos of herself changing bedsheets in the cabin and serving drinks on the deck.

“But when they’re off, we get to explore wherever we are in the world. The Caribbean, Mediterranean, Bahamas.”

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She said it was her dream job.

“I wanted to work and travel right after college, and this job has allowed me to do just that and more.”

Knowing that her followers’ interest would be peaked, she revealed what you need to do to become a “yachtie” and live the wanderlust lifestyle.

Certifications like the STCW – which stands for Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers – and ENG1– a medical certification to work on board ­– are necessary.

Emery also had further instructions on her profile.

Viewers were sold on the idea.

“Imma do this,” one person commented.

“I’ve wanted to do this ever since watching Below Deck years ago,” added another.

“I graduate college in May so have been bingeing your videos so I can start too ahhh,” a third wrote.

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