A BIG-BUSTED woman has shared one of her biggest struggles when exercising.

She said her large breasts cause her big problems at the gym – so much so that she has to hold them down.

Fitness fan Holly Hopkins (@hollyhopkins34) runs into her fair share of difficulties due to her full bust.

In a TikTok video, she showed viewers how they get in the way when she's jumping rope.

She has a distinct way to try to keep them at bay, but it's equally as tiring.

When the video began, she showed herself jumping rope in a black hat, black sneakers, gray sports bra, and black athletic leggings.

As she jumped, her big boobs flopped with her and added extra weight.

She dropped the jump rope and grabbed her boobs before jumping in place.

As a result, she dubbed the exercise the "bolder holder."

"I have to hold these bad boys down. Anyone else have big t***y problems?" the blonde woman asked in the video caption.

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Someone commented that it "doesn't look like a problem" and Holly told them bluntly that "it hurts."

A fan praised: "Hey at least you kept going and didn’t stop."

She replied: "Never ever stop!"

Holly was also transparent in the comments that her breasts were implants.

"How are they so far apart even with implants and a sports bra on," a viewer inquired.

She answered: "My muscles flexing underneath pull them apart."

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