A GROOM explained that he kicked his family out of his wedding after they refused to be in the official pictures.

In order to look co-ordinated he and his bride requested that close family wore the same colour for the photographs.

But his family didn't appreciate the instruction so refused to take part in the photos, claiming they were treated "like dolls".

Taking to Reddit, her said: "I recently got married to the love of my life.

"Wedding planning was nothing but hell between her overbearing mom, and my mom and sisters passive aggressively disapproving.

"The biggest issue of contention was that my wife wanted our pictures to look nice, so she wanted the immediate family to follow a colour scheme.

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"Now I know opinions about that vary, but I think it is important to note my family is not hurting for money.

"They would be buying new clothes for the wedding anyway, and when my mom really dug her heals in, we offered to pay for her outfit.

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"My family was extremely upset. They all refused to comply and said we were using them as dolls, ruining the wedding for them, and it was dehumanising.

"I backed my wife and said if they didn't wear the colour scheme they would be asked to leave, but again offered to pay for their clothes.

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"They didn't take me up on my offer, and did show up appropriately dressed.

"I noticed they were all being cold though, no congratulations, no hugging, just cold and disinterested.

"When it was time to take pictures, my mom informed me that they were going to sit the pictures out.

"They felt they had been used as props, and were not ok with that being documented.

"I told her she was being ridiculous and did she really not want pictures from her son's wedding.

"My sister jumped in and told me they weren't treated like family, so on they didn't want pictures. Note these weren't even weird colours they would never wear.

"I was furious, and knew my wife was going to be so hurt.

"I told them if they didn't want to be in the pictures they could just get out. They seemed shocked but left.

"My youngest sister called me a brainwashed piece of s***, but my mom and older sister just got their stuff and wouldn't even look at me.

"My stepdad told me that my mom isn't going to admit it, but I hurt her feelings. None of them have reached out since the wedding."

Fellow Redditors were quick to jump in with their opinion of the situation.

One person said: "This is a very weird hill to die in for your family.

"I do wonder if there is more background and this is the last straw? But the ask here is so doable it doesn’t make sense. Sorry this impacted your wedding!"

Another said: "The family saying they felt like props and not wanting to be included in the photos, then calling the son brainwashed is a completely disproportionate response to a colour scheme request."

While a third said: "It’s not uncommon to want the family to be somewhat coordinated for pictures.

"It’s not like you said buy this exact item. You just gave them a colour scheme. Seems reasonable.

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"They’re not props just because y’all want the pictures to be nice and everyone to be coordinated.

"Kicking them out was a bit much, but to be fair, their presence there after that would just be awkward on both sides anyways so I think it’s best they left."

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