A WOMAN has shared how she transformed her tiny downstairs cupboard into none other than a downstairs toilet.

And she revealed that the genius idea is perfect for when she’s entertaining guests at home, as it’s become known as the “party pooper” loo and has a funky David Bowie theme.  

Gemma Jayne Gear explained that she’d got the idea for her home’s big makeover and put a plan into action.

And despite having to overcome a couple of stumbling blocks along the way, she couldn’t be happier with the final look.

Gemma shared the results of her hard work on her TikTok profile @thatssogemma, as she went through the transformation step-by-step.

In a recent video, she explained: “Today I’m going to be showing you how we had our under stairs toilet installed, aka the party pooper.

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“So let’s rewind this way back to the beginning when it was originally two cupboards – one with access from the hallway and the other with access from our kitchen.”

However, once she’d decided to change it into a loo and work got underway, she came across the first issue.

Gemma explained to her social media followers: “Designing small spaces is hard enough as it is.

“But it’s made even trickier if you’ve got an ugly gas metre stuck right under your stairs exactly where you want everything to be.

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“And we did not want to fork out however many hundreds it cost to move it.”

But instead of giving up, Gemma got creative and found a way to save the cash they’d been quoted.

She continued: “I came up with a design idea for my builders, which meant that that gas metre would be under the sink vanity unit with a fixed panel in the middle and then doors opening either side for access.

“The work began and they started off by knocking the wall down to get a feel for the overall space. 

“They focused on all of the pipe work, connecting the waste outside, which was very time consuming and, quite literally, draining.

“Finally, after all the dust, noise and mess, it started taking shape when they built the timber frame for the vanity unit and began constructing the doors.”

Gemma then explained her next step was to buy a custom worktop, choose the jazzy black and white tiles she wanted on the floor and a special basin which she’d picked out.

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The other final touches included a light-up neon lightning bolt, brightly coloured wall art, and a pink and red colour theme. 

Showing the finished product, Gemma excitedly said: “Brace yourselves because we have gone wild.

“I mean, why not go crazy in the smallest room in your house? 

“Hence why we’ve called it the party pooper and I even bought a little custom name plaque for the door because it’s worthy of it.

“The party pooper is officially the hottest place to be – tickets are £5 entry. No, I’m just kidding.” 

And it wasn’t long before Gemma – who revealed that despite its comical name, the downstairs loo is strictly for number ones only due to the lack of ventilation – was inundated with comments.

Many people said they were super impressed with what she’d come up with, as the video racked up almost 150k likes. 

One wrote: “This is a work of art.” A second said: “Looks stunning.”

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While a third added: “This is genuinely amazing, I want one.” 

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