WHEN it comes to parenting, there is no right or wrong – we believe that you should do whatever works for you.

Although there is no strict tutorial to guide us through, some would like to think they know the best – and one young mum has suddenly found herself to be the subject of a fiery debate.

Caitlin Fladager, from Vancouver, Canada, became a mum in 2012 when she was just a teen.

The glamorous Instagram blogger has been very open about her parenting habits – which include explaining to her kids, 6 and 8, why she smokes weed with their dad – on her social media.

Caitlin has admitted to struggle with anxiety – something she's experienced since childhood – and believes that the positive effects of weed benefit her mental health.

The mum-of-two has openly talked about how she had found herself being forced to brush her teeth and being a good mother when the depression hit her the hardest.


“When you've had a rough day of parenting and it's finally time to smoke,'' said the Canadian couple.

“How dare you talk to your kids openly about smoking'' one user appeared to be baffled.

“It's no different than having wine!'' she argued.

“Know your limit, stay within it.''

As well as constantly labelled a bad mum for being open to her children about her habit of smoking marijuana, Caitlin said some have also disapproved of her decision to let her six-year-old son paint his nails.

After asking his mum to get his nails done, the blonde Canadian stunner took him to the local nail salon, where he picked his favourite colours, blue and green.

“He was so excited, he couldn't wait for his appointment!''

One mum, whose sun is also a nail fanatic, wrote:“My boy has been having his done since he was about 5/6yrs old, ninja turtle nails were the first set he had, or so he called them, was so happy, he couldn’t care less what others think!''

“But also you’re teaching him self love and care! Go momma!!!''

Some people also noticed the difference of clothing between Caitlin and her two children.

“I buy more“expensive'' clothes for myself, but shop at Walmart for my kids,'' she confessed.

After all, kids are kids and there's no point in splurging on pricy clothing items that they will very quickly grow out of.

“Buying your kids reasonable clothes so they can be messy and carefree only makes sense.''

“Besides the fact they are constantly growing, they aren't dolls that you dress up and set on a shelf,'' as one Instagrammer pointed out.

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