THE gym has typically been a place where fitness fanatics can let it all hang out without judgment.

One athletic woman shared her less than favorable experience with her gym's dress code.

Vonny is a fitness trainer, aspiring dietician, and digital content creator.

She took to TikTok to show viewers her offending outfit, which caused her to have a dress code violation at her gym

"I got dress coded for this outfit at the gym," she wrote.

"Too much abdomen showing," she added, repeating what gym staff told her.


I was dress coded at my gym – they told me to ‘cover up’ when I wore a crop top

"You can apparently show only two fingers worth of skin," she said.

"But a cut off for men is fine," she revealed.

"They're lucky I even wore a shirt," she said. "I'd rather work out in a sports bra."

"Love love love this for me," she added in the caption. "Felt like I was in middle school being dress coded for a bra strap showing."

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Viewers expressed shock and empathized with Vonny in the comment section of the video.

"WHAT," a commenter in disbelief wrote.

"Ikr?" Vonny replied. "I was so shocked."

"I would’ve walked right out," another wrote.

"Time for a new gym," a third suggested.

"Luckily I was just a visitor here!" Vonny replied.

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