I was given the wrong baby at hospital TWICE- I'll never let another newborn out of my sight

IF we were handed the wrong baby after giving birth, we'd like to think we'd know instantly – but let's be honest, those first few hours fly by in an emotional blur.

But while we only ever hear about these horrifying hospital mix-ups once in a blue moon, mum-of-eight Becky Martin claims this happened to her TWICE.

Earlier this month, the mum responded to a viral TikTok trend after user Mary Elizabeth asked people what they would do if they found out their two-year-old child wasn't actually theirs.

"So I actually have had my baby switched by the hospital," Becky said. "Not once but TWICE."

Fortunately for the mum, the mistakes were both immediately noticed and put right – but needless to say, she never let a child out of her sight in hospital again.

She explained: "With my first, [the midwives] wheeled in a baby boy and they were like 'we fed your baby for you.'

"And I was like 'I'm breastfeeding!'"

Realising their mistake, the mum claims they said: "Sorry – wrong baby."

Although most of us would be able to dismiss this as a one-off, the mum then claims that the same thing happened again when she had her second baby.

She continued: "With my second they wheeled in a baby girl and were like 'here's your daughter'.

"We were like 'she's already in the room with us!'"

Unsurprisingly, Becky then didn't feel comfortable letting nurses her other babies away after they were born.

"With my third, we did not let that baby leave," she continued. "Of course, they fought us on it.

"The [nurse in charge] came in and said, 'we have to take the baby out to do testing."

Determined to stay with her child at all times, Becky claims she told them to either do the tests in front of her or she'd accompany them to the lab – or alternatively, she'd get the tests done at her doctor's office.

With my first, they wheeled in a baby boy and they were like 'we fed your baby for you.' With my second they wheeled in a baby girl and were like 'here's your daughter'. She was in the room with us.

The mum continued: "She then tattled to the OBGYN who came in and made fun of me and said, 'that's right Becky – we're all trying to steal your baby!'

"And I was like, 'hey – once is an accident. Twice is a pattern.'

"So if you wonder what causes a woman to become an advocate of home births, that's one of many reasons."

Since sharing her story, Becky's video has racked up over 672,000 views and left viewers stunned.


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One replied: "Now I'm wondering if my kids are actually my kids…"

Another added: "The audacity of the doctor even making a joke about it!"

"My mom had to go look for my brother after she gave birth," a third claimed. "She found him with a lady down the hall."

"I find it crazy that they remove the baby from your room in the USA," a fourth wrote. "In the UK, the baby literally doesn't leave your side unless they're in the NICU."

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