A MUM has hit back at trolls who called her "selfish" and accused her of letting her kids sleep in a wardrobe.

Helena Havens, 22, from New Jersey, has amassed over 34,000 followers on TikTok – where she shares snippets of her family's everyday life in their "tiny home".

Earlier this year, the mum – who welcomed daughter Layla when she was 19 – gave fans a tour around the lakeside house she shares with partner Mike and his daughter Kenzie.

Admitting that it's only a temporary set-up before they move into somewhere bigger, Helena revealed they don't have an oven and often rely on Mike's parents.

In a separate video, she said: "We eat with his parents every night down at their house but up here we have a hot plate, toaster oven and microwave."

Making the most of every inch of space, the fridge and kitchen units are pushed up against the far wall in the first room in the house.


Meanwhile, the flatscreen TV is the first thing you see as you walk through the door as the space also doubles up as the living room.

Heading into her and Mike's bedroom, the couple have managed to squeeze a queen-sized bed in and have an en-suite bathroom too with its own shower.

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The couples' daughters – who only have a three-month age gap – share a small room which just about fits their two beds and is accessed via a sliding door.

That said, Helena has added some extra storage by installing bookshelves above their beds and decorated the walls with pretty handpainted vines and butterflies.

When asked where the girls keep their toys, Helena explained: "We live in a tiny house so there isn't much space and everything has a purpose.

"We keep a box of toys and we rotate it out as they get bored. They also play outside a ton and we go on the boat a ton."

In another video, the mum revealed that Mike and his daughter had been living in the "tiny house" on their own before she and Layla moved in and they plan on up-sizing one day.

However, this didn't stop people from criticising the family's living arrangements – with trolls labelling the girls room a "wardrobe".

Hitting back at a viewer who called her "selfish", Helena fumed: "A lot of people have been concerned and wondering why we get the 'big room' and and the kids get the 'closet'.

It's not a closet, it was added on just for them and it fits both of their beds perfectly. It it meant for sleeping and that is all that it is really used for.

"It's not a closet, it was added on just for them and it fits both of their beds perfectly. It it meant for sleeping and that is all that it is really used for.

"Our bedroom fits our queen bed and that's all, we don't have a dresser in here so I don't get where you got this whole 'big room idea' because we don't have a big room.


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"Someone said we should sleep in the kids room but the kids room would not fit our bed. You've got to work here with what you've got. Okay?"

What's more, the mum acknowledged that the two girls "fight like normal siblings would" but ultimately like sharing a room.

She said in another video: "They take comfort in sleeping near each other. Sometimes they fall asleep in the same bed.

"This is our very temporary home! We plan to find a bigger place when the time is right."

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