I went from plain Jane tomboy who couldn't be a***d with make-up to stunning catfish thanks to cunning online tricks

CATFISHING has gone viral as more of us hide our spots, double-chins and wrinkles beneath face-altering filters and make-up tricks to impress our peers. 

From clever contouring to changing your face shape through hours of touches, smudging and redrawing, anyone could appear like a completely different person.

Some catfish – people who pretend to be someone else online – have even fooled their own partners.

Recently, some people have embraced the term ‘catfish’ and even boldly boasted about how they like to trick others on social media.

They include TikTok influencer Lily Magno (@lilyymagno) who hid several missing teeth with dentures last week.

Makayla Meraz also went viral after she revealed make-up hacks that allowed her to look like Angelina Jolie.

So The Sun tried a catfish transformation of our own with Keri McIntyre, 32, a self-professed "plain Jane" who rarely gets dolled up.

The self-employed singleton said: “I don’t really wear make-up, I’m quite tomboyish. I can’t be a**ed, I’d rather get more sleep than put make-up on. 

“I don’t think I’m anything special. I’m a normal-looking lass and am quite shy I guess. Even when I get dressed up I try not to attract attention. 

“I don’t like having my photograph taken as I’m not photogenic. People say I’m pretty but I think I’m pretty plain and all I see are faults. 

'All I see are faults!'

“I definitely feel it’s important to try to look good but girls have to do a lot. There’s nails, make-up and your outfit, it’s a real procedure!”

Within hours, Keri’s once messy brunette locks and make-up-free face, which was washed with water and soap that morning, were unrecognisable. 

After a layer of full-covering foundation, her freckles were gone and 10 dark brown spots that were turned into contour lines “resculpted” the angles of her face.

Our future catfish was taking shape and Keri grinned after being given a bronzed look and concealer to hide the dark circles under her eyes.

It shows you the power of make-up, you can look totally different!

Her eyebrows were then made three times thicker with make-up, her false eyelashes were curled and a reddish tint eyeshadow was added.

After her lips were overdrawn for a bigger and plumper look, the final touch was added – a blonde wig with long layers and a parted soft fringe.

“Oh my god, that’s nuts. Oh sh**!” Keri yelled in disbelief, after seeing herself for the first time. 

“It shows you the power of make-up, you can look totally different.”

Clearly shocked, she admired the transformation for a few seconds, noting how her “dull skin” was radiant and her eyes sparkled like sapphires.

Keri said: “Before I was like matte paint and now I’m like glossy paint! I feel like I’m barely recognisable.

“It’s a bit of a shock when I look at myself because I don’t normally look like this at all. 

“I don’t see the point in catfishing as eventually, your partner is going to find out – either when you take your make-up off or you come out of the shower.

“It feels like I’m pretending to be somebody else for the day, it’s like I’m playing a character.

“Having a full face of make-up is very different for me but my eyes really pop and I feel like I should wear this wig more often.

“It’s unusual not seeing my freckles too – normally an army of them come out during the summer, which I don’t like.”

While Keri has no intention of returning to her ‘catfish’ look, she recognises it “enhanced” her appearance and made her “skin glow”.

She added: “I feel comfortable and confident. If someone stared at me on the street I’d like it more than I did before.

"Before when anyone stared I would just wonder what was wrong with me.

“I can see why people choose to catfish but I don’t think I could get up at 4am to look like this.

"It’s nice for the day but it’s not going to be a part of my everyday life.”

Keri couldn't wait to show the new look to her mum, who lives just outside of Glasgow, and believed her friends would be gobsmacked.

She said: “My girls all have fillers and do their make-up and hair so they’ll be shocked when they see me like this. 

“I’m sure they will try to force me to look like this more often but I’m happy just the way I am.”

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