A WOMAN who works for Evri has spilled the beans on what it's really like being behind the wheel and delivering all of your goodies.

The festive season is a busy period for all of us, with last-minute pressies to find before Christmas – and someone who knows a little about this is student and delivery driver Yasmin.

The third year pharmacy student, 23, uses her spare time to rake in some extra cash on the side by working for Evri, which was recently voted ''the worst delivery service in the UK'', Daily Mail reported.

But whilst customers may constantly feel let down by late or even lost parcels, what is it like for those delivering the packages? What does an average day for her look like?

Well, according to Yasmin, who applied for the job via Indeed, the shifts start with a visit to the local warehouse where she collects all the parcels before dashing back into her car.

On this particular day, she revealed in a video posted on TikTok, there was ''a nice variety of parcels'', the total of which came to a whopping 64.



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In terms of the payment rate, the student claimed that the drivers get paid £1 per every parcel – however, this can vary depending on the size.

''So a big parcel on a difficult street to deliver means more dollar,'' she explained in the clip.

Although her vehicle appeared to be packed to the brim, Yasmin reassured the followers on her page that the goodies were ''safe'' in her hands.

When it comes to delivering the orders, the 23-year-old insisted she likes to do it ''as fast as possible''.

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''Just in case my customers need it tonight,'' she chuckled, adding it took her four hours to complete the process, before getting ready for the shift the following day.

For those keen to give this side hustle a go, Yasmin added that the position comes with benefits.

''EVRI provide your business car insurance, it’s a £1.25 fee per shift.

''All you have to do is make sure your normal car insurance allows add on cover.''

According to Yasmin, there is also no time limit – as long as the goods are delivered by the end of the day, you're all good.

Since being shared on the platform, the video's racked up close to a whopping 300k views in less than day, with dozens flocking to comments to share their thoughts.

''Delivery drivers work so hard, we appreciate you,'' one wrote.

Another chimed in: ''This job stressed me out so much, glad you’ve got it as a positive.''

A third penned: ''Amazon flex is a decent side hustle too! Some 3h slots you get up to £84. Made Xmas easier for me!''

''Worst side hustle ever, do NOT recommend,'' someone else advised others to steer clear of the job.

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In response to the research, Evri’s chief customer officer Chris Ashworth said: ‘'We are disappointed with where Citizens Advice has placed us in its parcels league table – after a year of significant investment and listening to our customers to improve our service.

‘'Our rising parcel volumes are proof that customers and retail clients are voting with their feet and trust us with their deliveries.’'

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