CHRISTMAS can be chaos.

So how do you discipline naughty children during the most wonderful time of the year?

This parent has come up with the ultimate parenting hack that will have your child behaving in no time.

Taking to TikTok the dad shared a video of something he does around Christmas time that makes children better behaved.

All you have to do is wrap up empty boxes you find laying around the house of varying sizes.


Look for shoe boxes, different sized boxes but make sure they are made of something that will burn easily so cardboard is best to look for.

Wrap the present in wrapping and make sure you remember which boxes are empty and which contain real presents – you do NOT want to accidentally burn a real gift.

If your child behaves badly, tell them you will have to put their presents on the fire.

Grab an empty box and place that on the fire instead, they will never know the difference.

Benny the tiktoker wrote: "With Christmas approaching, here is a top tip for parents.

"Wrap up some boxes and pretend that they are presents.

"Then each time that little f****r misbehaves, chuck one on to the fire."

Parents in the comments debated if this would traumatise the child or if it was a hilarious trick.

Some warned others not to do this.

One said: "Don't do this. Some kids get scared for real so I wouldn't recommend."

Many joked that they had run out of kids doing this hack, as one said: "Did this last year, kinda starting to miss my kids now."

One experienced parent said they had been doing the hack for years and even adds 'little fire snaps' to the box to make it sound like something is breaking.

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