A WOMAN gets harassed by trolls to dress her age but she refuses.

She believes that life doesn't end once you're past a certain age.

Fatos Fatma (@factsfatma), a lifestyle content creator, shared the video with over 190,000 TikTok followers.

Critics bombarded her with complaints: "You need to dress your age!" they said.

The content creator responded in a tube top and leggings: "I am old enough to dress how I want to dress," she said pointedly, adding the hashtags #oldergeneration and #60sbaby.

In another video, she addressed another critique from trolls.

"You're over 50 you shouldn't be going out clubbing with your daughter dressed like this," they said.

Sporting a cheetah-print top, she provided another banger clap back: "Watch me!…" she said, adding the hashtags #54andfabulous.

In a third video, she shared that she doesn't believe just because she's aging that her life should stop: "Am I getting old? Absolutely. Am I going to start acting my age? No!" she said, adding the hashtag #oldisgold.

People took to the comments to share their support: "You can wear whatever fits and makes you look amazing!" said one commenter.

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"Nothing wrong with that," said another.

"Just enjoy your life, nobody's opinion is gonna help you find happiness," said a third.

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