REGULAR use of SPF will help prevent premature skin ageing caused by the sun and can reduce the risk of skin cancer. 

Most people will probably own a sun cream tailored to their skin type and when out in the sunshine, will be regularly applying it to their face and body. 

And experts say that it is important to reapply at least every two hours after swimming.

However, one place which doctors are urging people to remember this summer is to include your scalp in your sun cream routine.

Dermatologists Dr. Hadley King, M.D., Dr. Neda Mehr, M.D., and Dr. Christina Lee Chung, M.D. FAAD, all agree that the scalp is often the place which is forgotten about, but is also at risk for sunburns and at risk of skin cancer. 

And while our hair and wearing hats will provide some protection, doctors are recommending people to wear scalp sun cream as it will guard your head against ultraviolet rays.

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These are the rays that will speed up ageing and cause long-term UV damage. 

The experts say the most important aspect of any sun cream is the SPF level, and they agree that people should be wearing SPF 30 at least for scalp, face, and body.  

Wearing a broad-spectrum sun cream to protect you from UVB and Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays is important too as it will prevent ageing. 

Spray sunscreens are best for defined areas like a middle parting, or hairline.

Powder sunscreens are recommended for partings and bald heads because they are non-sticky and absorb quickly. 

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Creams and lotions are great for bald heads but not as favoured for the ones with long hair.

Stick sunscreens are similar to powders — they're great for protecting your part, hairline, or a bald head.

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