A HORSEBACK-RIDING country girl has blown people away with her looks on and off the farm.

Her transformation from what she wears at the stables to what she wears on a night out has left people appreciating a "girl who can do both."

Digital creator Georgia Bowett (@georgie_bowett) is a fun-loving country girl and a highly-skilled equestrian.

When she's not horseback riding on the farm, you can find her doing what most 20-somethings do after a day hard at work, hanging out with her friends.

In a TikTok video, she showed how she cleaned up for a night out after a day in the stables.

She looked equally as stunning in her social occasion outfit and slayed both styles.

The subtitle on the video read: "Get a girl who can be country and glam."

The beauty was visible from the waist up at the start of the video.

She showed her audience what she looked like when she did her favorite sport.

Bowett was makeup-free and wore a blue beanie and a big black jacket as she played with her long blonde hair.

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Toward the end of the video, the visual changed to showcase the equestrian, who wore a form-fitting hot pink mini dress and now wore a great deal of makeup.

She panned the camera up and down her body as she ran her fingers through her hair.

To further emphasize the theme of the video, she captioned it: "From equine to glam."

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