YOUR choice of color can depend on your mood or desired style for that day – but you never want to look tacky.

One fashion lover warned that one color combination may make your outfit appear cheap unless you style it correctly.

Everyone has their color preferences in terms of clothing.

Some love to be the brightest in the room, wearing head-to-toe yellow, while others stick to darker shades like black or navy blue.

There's no rulebook on mixing colors either, but some combinations can look tackier than others.

TikTok's fashion influencer Taylor Hage posted a "get-ready with me" video where she attempted to style a risky color combo to look chic and not cheap.


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"Today's color combo is pink and black. I feel like this can be either really cute or really tacky, so hopefully, it's the first one," Taylor says.

She turns the camera around to view the clothes on her bed.

There are black pants, blazers, tops, as well as pink clothing options and accessories.

"I just need to decide what to put together. Could be cute," Taylor admits as she tosses some of the picks to the side.

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"I know what I'm going to wear. I just hope it's not tacky," she says finally.

Taylor starts by putting on a hot pink halter top.

She adds a pair of black faux leather pants and a pair of pink kitten heels.

To match the pants: Taylor layers a faux leather blazer over the pink halter top.

And she finishes the look with a light pink shoulder bag.

The outfit is serving sophisticated and chic, with a touch of fun.

"I don't hate this look, but I don't love it either," Taylor proclaims.

Viewers loved how she styled these two colors and insisted that the combination wasn't tacky.

"I like it a lot!! I love pink and black together," one excited viewer admitted.

Another viewer suggested: "I would of done a 90’s pink skirt with a black tank top and some sneakers."

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