A PERSONAL stylist has revealed that there’s a big mistake that people make all the time when buying a designer bag and it instantly makes you look tacky.

So if you are planning on forking out for a fancy bag (lucky you), then you’ll want to listen up.

According to Amanda Rafeh, a certified personal stylist, designer bags covered in logos are not a good look and will instantly cheapen your outfit. 

Instead, Amanda advised fashion fans to opt for a bag that’s plain and chic instead, for a much more classy look. 

Posting on TikTok, Amanda said: “Let's talk purses real quick.”

Firstly, Amanda held up a DKNY bag, donning the DKNY print and a DKNY badge.

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Showing off the bag, she noted: “Okay so something like this, DKNY, it's a good brand, right?

“But something like this looks really tacky because of the logo as much as the overall design, it doesn't look cute.”

She then held up a plain white handbag, as she added: “Instead when you're purse shopping, I would go with something more clean and classic like this.

“This will make your overall outfit look more clean and organised.

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“So next time you're purse shopping I would go with something like this.”

Amanda later explained: “It all depends on the design. 

“My opinion, when a brand is over exaggerating the logos it makes it look cheap.” 

Amanda’s clip has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 306,200 views.

It has 11,1000 likes, 64 comments, 519 saves and 41 shares.

Social media users were thankful for Amanda’s advice and many were eager to agree with her claims in the comments. 

One person said: “Less is more.”

Another added: “Very true.”

A third commented: “I totally agree [with] this!” 

Whilst someone else noted: “This is why I dislike LV, the print looks cheap when it’s all over.”

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However, at the same time, one fashion fan posted: “Go for whatever makes [you] happy.” 

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