YOU might spend ages deciding on an outfit to wear to work, or you might throw on the first thing that falls out of your wardrobe.

But there are some thing you should never wear to the office.

According to fashion whizz Anna Bey, some styles of clothes are never ok to wear to work, even if you don't have a dress code at all.

She revealed the 10 things that you should save for lounging around at home or your next bar crawl.

Revealing clothes

You should ditch anything that's too low cut or short.

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And while you might love a good crop top, they make you look cheap while you're at work

Anna explained: "It's highly inappropriate for the office space, so all those miniskirts and mini dresses that might be trendy aren't suitable for a professional environment."

Too casual

"It might seem obvious," Anna says, "but how come we still see people do this mistake?"

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Wearing your gym leggings to work is the worst offence, according to the fashion lover, but sweatpants are just as bad – even if they're paired with a blazer or something smart.

The pro added: "Even if you have a casual dress code at work you need to step it up a notch, you don't need to come into the office wearing a suit but you certainly can't wear your workout clothes."

Avoid anything sleeveless

Wave goodbye to your spaghetti straps because you should keep your shoulders covered, according to Anna, "even if it's summertime, even if it's hot."

You probably can't think of anything worse that suffering through a hot day at work in a long sleeved top, but the pro said opting for something in a light, breathable fabric should keep you just as cool.

Avoid anything too tight

Anna reckons anything too tight gives off the wrong impression for the workplace.

She explained that you can still wear a pencil skirt, for example, but opt for a straighter one, rather than one you can barely walk in it's so tight.

The same goes for your favourite dress, avoid anything that clings too much, like a bodycon dress.

Keep your underwear hidden

"Don't wear this at work, truly this is going to make you look so unprofessional, but not only that it's going to cheapen your appearance," Anna confessed.

This could be anything from a sheer top that shows your bra, to a top that shows just your bra staps.

Even if you wear a cute lacey bralette that pokes out of your shirt – it's a big no-no for the fashion pro.

Old or damaged clothes

Maybe your forgot that your dress has a small hole in it, or that your favourite dress needs to be ironed.

It's best to ditch them altogether, "It makes you look poor and it makes you look cheap," Anna says.

No jeans

You might be able to get away jeans if your office is especially casual, but even then there are rules to follow.

Go for a plain, darker jean and always avoid anything with rips or embellishments.

Jean shorts are always a no in the summer, there's no way to make them look anything but tacky according to Anna.

Heels that are too high

Anything higher than eight centimetres should never be worn to work.

"They're taboo in the office, throw them away if you have any right now because it's not appropriate."

No sandals

Any kind of show that shows your toes is a no for the workplace.

Even if they're heels (that aren't too high) they should be closed toe.

And whatever you do, never wear flip flops to work!

Avoid heavy makeup

The fashion whizz said to keep things minimal, "less is more!"

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Save the bright coloured eyeshadow for the weekend and no matter what don't apply clumpy or patchy foundation.

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