SOME hairstyles can make you look loads older than you actually are.

But knowing what to avoid and the styles that can knock years off can make a huge difference.

Celebrity hairstylist Michael Douglas told that you you don't need to completely reinvent your look to appear younger.

When it comes to hiding wrinkles of fine lines, the best option is to add some face-framing layers.

He explained: "A concave fringe is good for hiding forehead lines and laughter lines around the eyes.”

That said, getting a fringe might not be the best answer for everyone, since every type of hair suits something slightly different.

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But it doesn't matter what type of hair type, if your hair is thinning it's time for a big chop, Michael said.

He added: "But if you’ve got a good thatch just enjoy it – the choice is yours."

Shorter hair doesn't have to mean you're getting old, "blunt, shoulder-length bobs with air-dry texture," can give anyone a youthful look that's still bang on trend.

Michael explained that “more natural or diffused styles, outgrown fringes and less overly-styled and overly sculpted hair," can also give off a more youthful vibe.

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When it comes to dying your locks to banish greys there are also a few options that can work in your favour, especailly balayage.

"Balayage is a very youthful colouring style yet great for covering grey styles," he revealed.

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