GETTING your eyelashes done is all fun and games until you leave the salon and notice there’s a parking ticket on your car.

The majority of us would let out a big sigh of frustration but then go home and pay the fine.

Well, not one woman…

An eyelash technician has taken to TikTok to reveal that one client of hers had her eyelashes done and got a parking ticket during the appointment.

But that’s not all, the client then rudely demanded that the technician pay for the ticket as she hadn’t warned her prior to the appointment of the parking restrictions.

After having the cheek to say that, she then grabbed a spoolie from the table and walked out…

It’s safe to say that we are in shock.

The video was uploaded by an eyelash artist in Los Angeles to the TikTok account ‘Lashedlaa’.

The caption is: ‘My client got a ticket..’

She explained: “I did this client’s lashes and she got a ticket and is blaming me.”

The video shows the conversation between the eyelash expert and the client and it’s pretty heated.

The eyelash technician said: “Sorry, it’s not my fault you got a ticket” to which the client responds: “But you should have told me when I parked outside.”

The eyelash expert then says: “You have to read the street sign” to which the client disagrees: “No, you’re inconsiderate, you could have told me.”

At this point, the eyelash artist is very apologetic and said: “I can’t take care of your ticket, I’m really sorry.”

But the client then angrily replies: “And you forgot to give me a spoolie, so I’m taking this and I’m leaving. Have fun paying that bill” before storming out of the salon.

So, the eyelash technician asks: “Should I pay for it??”

At the time of writing, the video has only been on TikTok for one day and it has quickly gone viral and already racked up a whopping 1.3 million views.

It has 86.4k likes, almost 3,000 comments and 649 shares.

Many people quickly flocked to the comments to say that the eyelash technician was definitely not in the wrong and should not pay the ticket.

One person said: “DON'T PAY FOR THE TICKET.”

Another added: “Nope that ticket is her problem not yours And with that attitude she had she can pay for her own ticket.”

A third commented: “Not your problem! Don’t pay it.”


However, there were some people that thought the eyelash artist was in the wrong and should pay the fine.

One user commented: “I agree it’s not your fault but I do agree to inform clients if you know there’s a chance they can get fines.”

Another said: “Girl that ticket is on you.”

A third added: “Yes you should. If they can’t park by your business you should have told them you don’t have parking.”

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